Bam Margera spotted at a Florida bar after leaving rehab, not speaking to parents

bam margera
Bam Margera has left rehab again and this time he isn’t speaking to his parents. Pic credit: ©

Bam Margera has left rehab again and he reportedly is not in contact with his parents.

Bam previously fled court-ordered rehab twice in Florida after expressing dissatisfaction with his accommodations. More specifically, he was allegedly unhappy at the lack of celebrity treatment he received.

The skateboarder, who became a prominent figure after appearing on Jackass and Viva La Bam, has struggled with addiction issues over the years. 

Things went from bad to worse for Bam last year when he failed to meet the contractual requirements demanded of him to appear in the Jackass movie and got fired from the film. Although Bam ultimately filed a lawsuit and settled with Jackass producers, he has been in rehab for an extended period.

Bam reportedly left rehab again on Sunday after meeting a lawyer friend inside the treatment center. The lawyer friend allegedly advised Bam that he could leave the court-ordered rehab if he left the state of Florida.

However, Bam has stayed in the Sunshine State.

Bam Margera spotted at bar after fleeing rehab again

TMZ spotted Bam in Sarasota, Florida at a bar called 57 Tavern with a mystery woman. It appeared that Bam needed assistance leaving the establishment.

The outlet continued that Bam was staying with a family friend in Florida. The sources shared that Bam has not been in contact with his son or wife since he returned to rehab in June. However, he also stopped contact with his parents last week.

The sources revealed that an intervention team would likely begin searching for Bam in the coming days. The source says those close to Bam would prefer that Bam return to rehab on his own accord.

Bam Margera’s rehab woes

Bam was court-ordered to stay at a rehabilitation center in Delray. Things were looking up for Bam–in May, he reported one year of sobriety from drugs and alcohol. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse in June when he impulsively left the rehab center twice in as many weeks.

Bam was reportedly unhappy with the accommodations and left the facility.

A rehab manager filed a police report with the Delray Police Department, and Bam was found by authorities

However, Bam didn’t stay long and left the facility again, within a week. Bam was located at a hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and a crisis-intervention team, including his parents April and Phil, made contact with the stunt-loving reality star.

Bam shares a son, Phoenix, with his wife Nicole “Nikki” Boyd Margera. His inability to see Phoenix has reportedly been a point of contention for Bam. 

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