Bam Margera leaves detox center early despite Lamar Odom wanting him to finish program

Bam Margera in close up image
Bam Margera exited the detox center early that Lamar Odom helped him get into. Pic credit: © Wax/Starlitepics/AdMedia

Despite Lamar Odom wanting Bam Margera to finish a program at a detox center in San Diego, Margera is rumored to have decided to leave earlier this week.

The San Diego detox center is one that Odom personally helped Margera get into, but the former MTV star has opted not to complete the program.

Margera, who starred in Jackass and spinoffs such as Viva La Bam on MTV, was in a program at Odom Wellness Treatment Centers. After exiting the program, he reportedly went to stay with Odom at his Calabasas home.

Reports arrived via TMZ, citing a source close to the situation, with additional reports showing Margera out and about with his girlfriend.

In addition, the source revealed that Margera had told friends he was planning a getaway to Sin City now that he was out of the detox center.

Margera’s exit from the program arrives just over two weeks after he started the detox after cops put him on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Bam Margera spotted with girlfriend after leaving detox early

On Thursday, Daily Mail reported that Margera took his girlfriend, Jessica Dietzer, to lunch several days after leaving the detox center.

The couple dined at Nobu in Malibu and wore matching all-black outfits. Daily Mail indicated that Margera appeared “in good spirits” during the Los Angeles outing.

Margera donned an oversized black t-shirt, leather pants, brown suede, and black leather sneakers. He also accessorized the look with several gold and silver chains, diamond-encrusted rings, and a black fan he carried with him.

Per the report, Margera was seen walking with Odom in Calabassas a day earlier, which matches the TMZ report that the MTV star was staying with Odom.

In April, Monsters and Critics reported that Odom offered to help out Margera amid Margera’s substance abuse issues and legal woes. That arrived after Margera had surrendered himself to Pennsylvania police after allegedly threatening to kill some of his family members and injuring his brother.

However, Margera entered the program at Odom Wellness Treatment Centers earlier this month in an attempt to work on his sobriety.

Bam Margera was on 5150 psychiatric hold after his video rant

As reported earlier this month via Page Six, Margera was previously placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold by police due to a video rant he made in which he suggested he would smoke crack until he was dead unless he got to see his son.

Margera, 43, is part of a nasty custody battle for his son Phoenix, 5, with his estranged wife, Nicole Boyd. Margera and Boyd married in 2013 but separated as of 2021.

The video in which Margera made those threats is since been deleted, and based on the most recent sightings, he was in good spirits after leaving detox. However, Odom hoped that Margera would have stayed in the program to see it through to completion.

Per TMZ, Margera previously mentioned his son was his inspiration to get sober. Rumor has it that Margera informed friends he plans to take a trip to Las Vegas after his exit from detox and stay at Odom’s home this week.

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1 year ago

Jessica’s in Doylestown PA hiding out.