Bagel Boss guy Chris Morgan: Five-foot-tall man gets into a fight at a Casino [Video]

Bagel Boss guy
Bagel Boss guy Chris Morgan gets into a fight at a Casino. Pic credit: Twitter

Chris Morgan, known as the Bagel Boss guy, is going viral once again. Last month, a video emerged online showing him ranting furiously at a bagel shop in Long Island, New York, claiming people were mocking him.

The latest video shows the Bagel Boss guy Chris Morgan, 45, getting into a fight with a man at a casino.

He and the man exchange words, smacks, and kicks.

According to Chris Morgan, some girls invited him to Jake’s 58 Casino in Islandia, New York, at about 2:30 a.m. But when he got there, he found they invited him only to “play f******g mind games” with him.

He said the girls mocked him and that their uncle also tried “to start s*** with me.”

The video shows the Bagel Boss guy in a dispute with another man. The man and a woman appear to be mocking Morgan. The man smacks Morgan in the face, and the little man lashes out, kicking the taller man in the shin repeatedly.

He threatens to knock the man out if he punches him again.

Multiple YouTube channels, including Chris Morgan’s, posted the video showing him getting into the fight at the Casino on Sunday, August 18.

A security man runs across the room to intervene as the confrontation intensifies.

The new video emerges after a video that showed Morgan ranting against women at a bagel shop in Long Island went viral in July. Morgan claimed women did not want to date him because of his height.

According to Morgan, some women on a dating site told him: “Oh, You’re five feet. You should be dead.”

He told a customer at the store who tried to calm him down to shut up and challenged another to step out for a fight.

A customer finally tackles him and brings him down.

Internet sleuths later confirmed that the 45-year-old man was a divorced man who owns a cleaning business.

They also confirmed he has a YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself picking fights in public places and accusing people of discriminating against him because of his height.

Since the video of his rant at the bagel shop went viral in July, Chris Morgan has been trying to capitalize on his viral fame.

“I’m famous. A bunch of famous people are looking at my video,” he told the New York Post.

The Daily Mail reports that he recently signed up for a celeb boxing match with another viral star, Antoine Dodson. The fight is scheduled to take place on September 8 in Atlantic City.

Dodson gained notoriety in 2010 after an interview with a news reporter emerged that showed him narrating his family’s experience of a break-in.

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