Ariana Grande goes makeup free to promote business

Ariana Grande at the Billboard Music Awards.
Ariana Grande took to her Instagram stories to share a glowing makeup-free selfie while promoting her makeup line. Pic credit: ©

Ariana Grande got in touch with her fresh-faced self as she promoted her beauty line.

The singer posted a rare glimpse of her make-up-free and glowing visage with her 324 million Instagram followers.

Shared on her Instagram Stories, Ariana looked nearly unrecognizable as she held a coffee mug up while sporting a strapless, lacey bandeau top and showcasing her natural beauty.

Although fans have likely seen the singer and former Victorious television show starlet without her usual foundation, lip gloss, and eyeliner, Ari does not often share such candid snaps with her followers.

Looking perky and bright, the newly-turned 29-year-old captioned her first of two shots with a tag for her r.e.m. beauty line.

In the first photo, Ariana made sure to relay to fans that it was her “before” picture.

Ariana Grande goes make-up-free for beauty line promo.
Pic credit: @arianagrande/Instagram

Later, the singer posted another snap of herself rocking some subtle shades of pink on her lips, a dusting of foundation, and some lengthy eyelashes distinguished by sweeps of mascara.

Her final caption read, “after!!! r.e.m. beauty,” and contained a smiley face.

Ariana shows off her face after applying makeup.
Pic credit: @arianagrande/Instagram

Jeopardy! contestant dragged after mistaking Janet Jackson for Ariana Grande

Although Ariana is currently one of the most recognized celebrities in the world today, the singer still sometimes gets confused with other famous faces.

Two years ago, fans of the singer had a field day when a Jeopardy! contestant mixed up Ariana with Janet Jackson after being given the clue, “As the recipient of the 2018 Icon Award, she took ‘Control’ and took to the stage in her first live performance in nearly a decade,” which was even followed up by a short video clip of Janet performing on stage.

Contestant Alwin Hui buzzed in with his answer, stating confidently, “Who is Ariana Grande?” before the late Alex Trebek told him his answer was incorrect and moved on to the next person who gave the correct response.

Fans dragged Alwin for being clueless not only about the obvious differences between Ari and Janet, but also for not realizing that Ariana would have still been on the Disney channel in 2008.

Ariana Grande gets credited by Jennifer Coolidge for reviving her career

Aside from the Jeopardy! gaffe, Ariana is a very well-known and familiar face, and just this year the singer got her due when actress Jennifer Coolidge credited her for saving her career.

In an interview this January on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jennifer openly thanked Ariana for helping to give her flatlined career a boost.

“I sort of, you know, I was going through a dead zone, and not much was going on,” Jennifer revealed to Jimmy as reported by Monsters and Critics. “Then Ariana did this imitation on your show, and you encouraged her. And then, this got the ball rolling.”

Jennifer later said that her friend convinced her to direct message Ari to say how much she liked her impression.

“I was like, ‘No, she’s got 260 million followers. Those are robots. The robots answer the DMs, and we will never, ever get to her,’ Whatever. And then, I did it anyway, and this response came back. Next thing you know, I was going to her house getting fit for a wardrobe fitting for Thank U, Next.”

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