Anna Duggar shares date night photo, praises Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Anna Duggar in a confessional.
Anna Duggar praises Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar shared a photo of a date night with her husband, Josh Duggar and her in-laws, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. She praised them for their unconditional love and understanding.

Anna Duggar will always be on the side of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar when it comes to anything. They are the support she has leaned on for years, and without them, things would be incredibly different.

A lot has changed for the couple over the last five years. Anna Duggar was pregnant with Meredith when a scandal involving Josh Duggar broke and their world was turned upside down.

News of a molestation scandal that included him and several of his sisters came out fast and furious. While it happened a decade prior, viewers were stunned.

Following the revelations of Josh Duggar’s past, it was learned he was also a part of the adulterous website and escort service, Ashley Madison. Anna Duggar had to deal with the children she already had while expecting little Meredith. Josh was sent to a rehab facility in Rockford, Illinois, and returned home once it was completed.

On the most recent season of Counting On, Anna Duggar appeared in a few episodes. It was revealed that she and Josh Duggar live on the property of the big Duggar compound.

Anna and Michelle Duggar have grown incredibly close and have raised their children together. Her oldest daughter, Mackynzie is close to her aunts, Jordyn-Grace and Josie Duggar.

Amid rumors of turbulence in the Duggar family, it is clear where Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar stand. Her praise for all of the wisdom and unconditional love that has been given to them by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is something she wanted the public to see. A united family is a presentation they want viewers and followers to believe.

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