Amy Schumer reveals which Oscars joke got her death threats

Amy Schumer at the premiere of Snatched.
Amy Schumer took time to speak with Howard Stern this week, revealing to him that one joke she made at Oscars night actually got her death threats. ©

Amy Schumer opened up to Howard Stern this week about her co-hosting gig on Oscars night, telling him some behind-the-scenes drama that has continued to haunt her.

In a sit-down conversation with the talk-show host, Amy discussed a wide range of topics, including the infamous Will Smith slapping incident that shook Hollywood on Oscar night.

The comedian also touched on a sensitive topic that had nothing to do with the assault, telling Howard that a joke she made, and that she clarified was pre-planned and rehearsed, has gotten her into some seriously hot water.

Amy told Howard she has gotten death threats over the Kirsten Dunst joke she made on Oscars night

Amy got candid with Howard about her co-hosting gig at the Oscars, which she shared with Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall, opening up about how one particular gag has ended up causing her a lot of grief over the last couple of weeks.

“I did a bit with Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons that was completely orchestrated beforehand,” Amy told the radio host.

She went on to explain that her joke placed a nominated Kirsten Dunst in the spotlight as a presumed seat-filler, a joke Amy said the pair had “worked out together” and agreed upon.

Apparently, some fans took offense to the joke, saying “I got death threats…the secret service reached out to me.”

Howard seemed to be taken aback by the comment, asking Amy for clarification, to which the actress responded with confirmation that she did indeed receive threats from people who viewed her joke as tasteless and “disrespectful.”

After continuing to be pressed by Howard, Amy admitted that the situation was serious enough to warrant the involvement of authorities to ensure that she remained safe and secure.

Amy recently revealed the one joke she wasn’t allowed to make on Oscars night

Although the backlash from her Kirsten Dunst joke was swift and scary, Amy recently said that she had a slew of other jabs ready to go for the evening but was told by lawyers that some of them would be going too far.

According to an article published by Monsters & Critics, Amy was prepared to make some extra jokes on that star-studded evening, including one aimed at the catastrophic Alec Baldwin Rust film shooting that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Despite the reports about the cut-out gag, Amy countered them later, saying she actually never planned to make her Alec Baldwin joke at the Oscars.

Amy made the announcement via Instagram, penning that she “was never going to say the Alec Baldwin joke” on Oscars night alongside a photo from an article that claimed Amy and her husband, Chris, were buying a new home.

“This is not true,” she bluntly wrote, adding that she will “say whatever” she desires at her live shows, perhaps hinting that she might give a little more insight into the events surrounding Oscars night and the jokes she wishes she could have made.

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