Amy Robach and T.J Holmes refuse to ‘gossip’ about claims their exes are now dating each other

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Instagram selfies
Amy Robach and TJ Holmes release second episode of their podcast. Pic credit: @ajrobach/@officiallytjholmes/Instagram

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes aren’t the only ones who found love in a hopeless place, their exes, Marilee Fiebig and Andrew Shue, also found love.

T.J.’s ex-wife and Amy’s ex-husband made headlines on the same day the couple debuted their new podcast, as rumors emerged that the jilted exes are now dating.

However, Amy and T.J. have yet to comment on the news, and they don’t plan to do that anytime soon.

The former GMA3 co-hosts are aware that people may tune in to their podcast hoping that they would share their two cents on the new couple.

The media-savvy twosome hinted that there was an “agenda” behind the timing of news about their exes dating and said they knew it was going to happen, but they’re taking the high road.

They made it clear that their show Amy & T.J. will always be about their lives and not about tabloid gossip or clapping back at the headlines.

Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes refuse to comment on the ‘gossip’ about their exes

Amy and T.J. released the second episode from their podcast and they were in high spirits after getting great feedback from the premiere episode.

However, while they didn’t mention their exes by name, T.J. referenced “other headlines this week with agendas” and said they “absolutely anticipated that that was going to happen.”

“There’s nothing we can do about those,” T.J. exclaimed during the chat, as he told the audience that their podcast would be a positive space.

“This place, this podcast, this platform is not and will never be,” he noted. “We are committed to a place that this is not gonna be about gossip, this is not gonna be a place where we clap back at headlines.”

“We are not going to get into that back-and-forth games because gossip is toxic…” said the 46-year-old. “We are onward and upward.”

Former GMA3 co-hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes declare that they are ‘in love and happy’

During the Amy & T.J. podcast, the couple expressed being able to proudly go out in public as a couple– after dodging the paparazzi for months on end after the affair.

Over the weekend the pair attended their first big event, Jingle Ball, and rumors emerged that they were “handsy” and displayed “a lot of PDA” at the event.

However, Amy responded, “We were just being us… You know what? We’re in love, we’re happy, I don’t know how else to act.”

They continue to talk about the “fun night,” as Amy noted, “We got to really, actually step out officially as a couple, and actually smile at cameras and welcome the attention.”

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