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Amy Duggar King welcomes first child with husband Dillon King

Amy and Dillon King wearing mom and dad hats.
Amy Duggar King is a first-time mom. Pic credit: Instagram/amyrachelleking

Amy Duggar King revealed she was expecting her first child earlier this year. She joined six of her cousins who were also having babies this year, with four of them due to give birth within a month of her welcoming her firstborn.

It has been a tough time for Amy Duggar King. She lost her Grandma Mary Duggar back in June and things have been hard for her. She was incredibly close to her as Amy’s mom raised her as a single mom. Mary Duggar was always around and someone who she could count on at all times.

Welcoming her little boy has been a well-documented journey on social media. Amy Duggar King revealed that she and her husband, Dillon King planned to name their little boy Daxton. She has shown various stages of pregnancy and kept it real with some of the posts about what she was dealing with as it happened.

Followers knew that baby Daxton would be arriving at some point soon, but everyone was surprised to learn that today is the day. Amy Duggar King revealed that she would be welcoming her little boy today on Instagram.

She shared a photo of herself and Dillon as they went into the hospital to have little Daxton. Duggar King had a c-section because of her small frame and the predicted size of the baby.

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Brb.. we're gonna go be parents now!! Surprise!! Our little Daxton will be here today!! With my small frame and the fact that the Dr. Said theres an 85% chance I'd have an emergency situation. We went ahead and scheduled a cesarean to be on the safe side. I'm sure there will be negative comments. But I have to do what's right for my body and what's healthy for my son. I've been mentally and spiritually preparing myself for this I'm trying to relax, and not worry! But I've never had surgery before, I've never even stayed in a hospital before, so I'm just a ball of nerves…soo I'd appreciate your prayers!!! But in just a few hours our lives will be forever changed! I'm focused on God's promises and that sweet little face!! Ok, daddy let's do this!!!

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Plenty of prayers and well wishes were sent from followers and those close to Amy Duggar King and Dillon King. She has waited a long time for this moment and while it was bittersweet without Grandma Mary Duggar there, becoming a parent was special.

It was an emotional day for Amy Duggar King and Dillon King but their little boy made his arrival earlier today, Daxton Ryan King was born, weighing in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well following the c-section.

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