Alyssa Milano’s crocheted face mask leads to backlash: Actress responds to controversy

Alyssa Milano Red Carpet
Alyssa Milano stirred up some Twitter controversy with her face mask. Pic credit:

Alyssa Milano shared a crocheted face mask on Twitter this weekend as she enjoyed some time with her family in the car.

Along with the image of her family all wearing masks, Milano tweeted, “Show me your masks! Masks keep people safe and healthy. Show me yours! Ready? Go! #WearAMask.”

What Milano could not have expected was the immediate backlash that people on Twitter sent her way due to her style of the mask that she, herself, was wearing.

The image itself was innocent enough, depicting Milano, her husband Dave Bugliari, and their two children Elizabella, five, and eight-year-old Milo all wearing masks.

However, hers was a hand-made crochet version. While urging people to say safe, some Twitter users ended up taking the wrong message from what they saw in Milano’s image.

Twitter users attack Alyssa Milano’s crocheted face mask

Below is the image that Alyssa Milano shared on Twitter, which has already received nearly 28,000 likes and more than 11,000 retweets.

So why did a large group of people decide to complain about the image? A number of Twitter users tried to make fun of her crocheted face mask by saying it wasn’t actually safe.

One person said “Are you SERIOUSLY wearing a KNITTED mask!!!!…as in a MASK WITH HOLES IN IT??”

Another user — sporting a snorkel in their image — stated that “Here is mine. It actually serves a purpose, unlike grandma’s doily you’ve got on.”

Alyssa Milano responds to the Twitter universe

Seeing the backlash that she was receiving for posting a photo of the crocheted face mask, Milano got back on Twitter to share a very succinct comment about her thoughts.

Some users even decided to use her image as a way to come after her in a political sense.

The former star of Who’s the Boss? and Charmed (not the Charmed reboot) also took the time to share a screenshot of the 100 pack of filters that she had purchased to use with the mask.

Alyssa Milano regularly shares her opinions on social media, so is no stranger to people criticizing her online.

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