Alexandra Daddario rang in the New Year sharing flirty pic with 52-year-old fiancé Andrew Form

red carpet image of Alexandra Daddario
Alexandra Daddario shared a flirty picture with her fiancé. Pic credit: ©

Looks like Alexandra Daddario and her fiancé Andrew Form kicked off the New Year with a kiss! The 35-year-old actor posted a flirty picture onto her Instagram account, showing the two locking lips on the momentous holiday.

Form, who’s 17 years Daddario’s senior, works in Hollywood as a producer. He is best known for his work in popular horror movie franchises having produced The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Purge, and A Quiet Place.

The two couple announced their engagement on December 2, 2021. Daddario took to Instagram to share a long caption about their relationship. She wrote, “The absolutely most wonderful man, you handle nonsense, loss, life, difficulty, people, with grace and compassion. You’re a loving father, funny, hard-working, honest, introspective, sexy, kind and sensitive- you’ve made room on some of the prime real-estate wall space for pictures of Levon, a dog you never even met.” Form shares two children with his ex-wife Fast & Furious‘ Jordana Brewster.

She went on to write, “You’ve taken the worst moments of my life and soothed them, just knowing that you existed when they happened makes my heart fuller and more pieced together. Right now I am looking at all the giant packages of gluten-free Oreos you surprised me with. It’s so many Oreos, it makes me laugh.”

Daddario concluded her post with a suggestive line, writing: “I love how we have been chastised and separated by flight attendants on multiple international flights because we are like teenagers. Why does it all feel so different? This is the love they talk about in poems and Ed Sheeran songs. Andrew- you are the greatest, most formidable love of my life. I couldn’t be luckier.”

Alexandra Daddario and Andrew Form ring in the New Year together

The happy couple rang in the New Year with their fans by posting a fun, lip-locking photo early in the morning on January 1, 2022. The Percy Jackson actress wrote, “Happy new year!!!” along with a series of heart emojis.

While the photo is grainy, the couple can be seen holding onto each other’s faces during their embrace.

Alexandra Daddario is excited to see who will play her Percy Jackson role in Disney+ series

In other Daddario-related news, the actor recently shared that she is not involved with the live-action Percy Jackson series coming to Disney Plus. The 35-year-old’s breakthrough role was in the film series, starring as Annabeth Chase.

Daddario was quick to squash rumors of her involvement in the upcoming series, telling WrapWomen’s UnWrapped podcast that, while she loved playing Annabeth, she is not returning to the franchise. “No! No, I loved Percy Jackson. Like, I loved it. When I stepped into Percy Jackson and got that job, I had no idea what it was. I was like, a bit part actor in New York City, you know? I was a kid, I was working at a bar, I didn’t have any idea of Hollywood or of all this stuff,” shared Daddario.

She went on the say, “I am so excited for the kids that are going to be cast in that and how they’ll inspire a new generation of young women. Like it’s so cool, Annabeth is a really inspiring character to people. But no, I don’t know anything about it beyond that, and I shouldn’t! I was just the girl in the movie.”

Percy Jackson is expected to premiere on Disney Plus in 2023.

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