Alex Rodriguez may be moving on with Kathryne Padgett after broken JLo engagement

Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez is spending time with a new woman following JLo’s engagement to Ben Affleck. Pic credit: ©

Jennifer Lopez’s former fiance Alex Rodriguez may be moving on from the actress just in time for her to celebrate her second engagement to Ben Affleck. 

The former Yankee star seems to be spending a lot of time with 25-year-old Kathryne ‘Kat’ Padgett, a fitness trainer; the two were first spotted together in January.

The rumored couple was spotted working out and attending sports events; they caught the Green Bay Packers NFC Divisional playoffs game at Lambeau Field.

Fans are curious to know more about the new fit lady on A-Rod’s arm who has accompanied the baseball star around the country. 

Who is Kathryne ‘Kat’ Padgett?

Kat Padgett was born in October 1996, and she works out of Dallas, Texas. Although personal details regarding the model are not officially verified, her Instagram page tells fans a lot about her.

According to Kat’s bio, she is a former college athlete and participates in National Physique competitions. She prioritizes health, fitness, and nutrition, and she loves being in the gym and working out.

She appears to be close with her family and has a passion for watching sports, as her profile shows many pictures of her at sports games.

Recently, she shared a photo of herself on the bases of the Oakland Coliseum, where she celebrated MLB Opening Day.

Alex commented a clapping emoji on her photo.

Alex Rodriguez comments clapping emoji on Kat Padgett's Instagram post
Pic credit: @katpadgett/Instagram

In Touch reported that the fitness model and A-Rod were at a Timberwolves game in January, the day after they visited Lambeau Field. Sarah shared pictures of herself at a Timberwolves game, but Alex was not in the photos.

Not only do the two frequently attend games together, but they were recently spotted engaging in numerous activities in Miami.

A-Rod and Kat Padgett work out in Miami

The New York Post obtained photos of Alex and Kat out on a jog late last week. 

The two were working out on Thursday in Miami in the appropriate attire— Alex wore a black shirt and black athletic pants with Nike sneakers, while Kat wore a sports bra and black leggings.

Not only were the pair spotted jogging, but they also rode in A-Rod’s red Porsche, with Alex behind the wheel.

Although Kat and Alex are not publicly official at this time, A-Rod has all eyes on him. Fans wish to see how he is handling himself now that his former fiancee JLo is engaged again. 

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