Alec Baldwin looks happy during NYC walk with his kids

Alec Baldwin walks his kids in the park
Alec Baldwin was spotted looking happy while walking his kids in the park. Pic credit: ©

Alec Baldwin was all smiles during a recent New York City walk through Washington Square Park with two of his young children.

The 64-year-old actor was not alone with his kids for the leisurely walk and seemed to be having a conversation with a female companion as he pushed a double stroller down the path.

Alec, who has been embroiled in legal drama and speculation after the tragic shooting of Rust director Halyna Hutchins back in October 2021, looked to be enjoying the sunny stroll on Sunday.

Alec Baldwin spotted pushing a double stroller through the park

A father of seven, Alec Baldwin, shares six of those children with his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, who is currently pregnant with their seventh child together. Baldwin also famously shares a daughter, Ireland Baldwin, with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

Alec and Hilaria have two daughters, María Lucía Victoria and Carmen Gabriela, and four sons, Rafael Thomas, Leonardo Angel Charles, Romeo Alejandro David, and Eduardo Pao Lucas.

Both Alec and his companion looked casual as they tried to blend in with a black shirt and matching black pants for the outing. Alec played it ultra-cool with a pair of sunglasses on top of his head and casual sandals on his feet.

Alec Baldwin strolls through Washington Square Park with two of his kids
Alec Baldwin looked calm and collected during a Sunday walk through Washington Square Park in New York City. Pic credit: Backgrid

It’s unclear who was accompanying Baldwin on the walk with his kids, but it could well be one of their nannies, which Alec has been very openly thankful for in the past. One instance of that thankfulness even prompted a flurry of press, causing his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, to react to claims they have five nannies, which she insists they do not.

Alec Baldwin and a female companion walk through Washington Square Park in New York City with two of his children
Alec Baldwin enjoys some conversation during a Sunday stroll with two of his children. Pic credit: Backgrid

Clearly, even with help, Alec and Hilaria have their hands full and stay active with their large family.

Rust producer says the movie will be finished

Despite the tragic loss of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust, Anjul Nigam, who produced the film alongside Alec Baldwin, says they will be able to complete the movie, and it will be seen.

While introducing another Baldwin and Nigam produced film, False Awakening, at Cannes, Nigam told The Hollywood Reporter that the film is still in the works.

“Rust is obviously a horrific tragedy,” Nigam says. “The investigation will hopefully be resolved soon and will unveil what happened. Obviously, there will be people out there who will have negative perspectives, but we’re confident about continuing to make quality movies.”

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