Adrien Broner assault: Boxer arrested for being in contempt of court

Adrien Broner on the red carpet
Adrien Broner was found in contempt of court when a judge decided that he hasn’t been truthful about his finances following a 2018 lawsuit. Pic credit: © Admedia

A judge in Cleveland, Ohio has ordered former boxing champion Adrien Broner to be taken into custody after he was found in contempt of court.

Broner appeared in front of the judge as the result of a 2018 lawsuit. The lawsuit was the result of an assault on a woman in a Cleveland nightclub. The professional boxer lost the suit and was ordered to pay his victim damages of $830,000.

However, Broner has reportedly missed numerous deadlines to hand over the cash. He claimed in court documents and to the judge on Monday that, incredibly, he only has 13 dollars in his bank account.

Unfortunately for Broner, Judge Nancy Margaret Russo decided that the 31-year-old wasn’t being truthful. The judge pointed to a video posted by Broner to Instagram three days ago, which appears to show him handling $100,000 in cash, as evidence he was lying.

The video showed the boxer happily fondling 100 dollar bills, which he’d spread out on a desk. He captioned the video, “I will bet my last dollar on my baby brotha.”

The video has had over 100,000 views, meaning there’s plenty of eyewitnesses. But Broner insisted that the money had been given to him by his kind-hearted rich friends.

What is Adrien Broner’s net worth?

It’s currently unknown how much money the boxer actually owns. Judge Russo asked for an explanation of the video showing him flashing the cash. He claimed he has “several rich friends” who are helping him out, and he again reiterated that he only has $13.

He further explained: “my friends take care of me the same way I took care of them when I had my money. But I have to spend money as well, so I spend my cash on bills before helping people out.”

Broner then claimed that he has a fight scheduled for January that will provide him with the funds required to pay off the lawsuit.

But the judge just wasn’t buying it, and he was ordered to remain in jail until he can provide a full and honest account of his finances to the victim’s attorney. Judge Russo scheduled a hearing for the boxer for Wednesday before he was placed in handcuffs by Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies and led from the courtroom.

Adrien Broner says he spent $3 million since 2017

Last night, Broner posted another video to his Instagram account. This one claimed to show how much cash the boxer has been spending since opening a personal account over three years ago.

The video purports to show that Broner consistently spent tens of thousands of dollars each day amounting to over $3 million within three years.

In the caption of this video, he says he learned he was an “idiot” and says he’s made himself some personal goals and will be sure to get himself back on track.

Other celebrities who have found themselves in trouble with the law recently have included Atlanta-based rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan, who has found himself the subject of an investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation into alleged gang-related activities.

Earlier this month, Home Improvement actor Zachery Ty Bryan was arrested for allegedly strangling his girlfriend.

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