Adam Sandler responds to viral TikTok video of him getting turned away from an IHOP restaurant

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler has a hilarious response after a video of him being turned away from an IHOP went viral. Pic credit: ©

Adam Sandler has no hard feelings about getting turned away from an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) restaurant.

Last month, IHOP employee Dayanna Rodas shared security footage on TikTok of her telling the Uncut Gems star it was a 30-minute wait to be seated after failing to recognize the star.

The clip quickly went viral, and Sandler since received praise for not using his celebrity status to get a seat inside.

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“Pleaseee come back,” captioned Rodas.

Hostess takes to TikTok, Adam Sandler responds

She filmed herself with a clown filter throughout the video to mock her new online notoriety.

“Not realizing its Adam Sandler and telling him its a 30 min wait and him [of course] leaving [because] he’s not going to wait 30 mins for IHOP,” wrote the hostess in text on the video.

On Monday, Sandler took to Twitter to react to the viral TikTok video.

He joked, “For the record, I only left the IHOP because the nice woman told me the all-you-can-eat deal didn’t apply to the milkshakes.”

Adam Sandler Twitter
Pic credit: @AdamSandler/Twitter

How did the IHOP hostess not recognize Adam Sandler?

In her defence, Adam Sandler was wearing a facemask, and looked just like any other person dressed in a hoodie and shorts.

Rodas since uploaded a follow-up video explaining why she didn’t recognize Sandler.

“It’s because he had a big beard, and I’ve never seen Adam Sandler with a beard,”

 “And the mask didn’t help.” She added.

Of course, she’s now laughing about how her small encounter with a celebrity blew up overnight on TikTok.

“I didn’t think it was gonna go viral,” she admitted in another post.

The incident also prompted IHOP to release a statement, who were understanding about the lost opportunity to serve pancakes to Adam Sandler.

“We love and appreciate our famous friends, and the beauty of IHOP is that for the past 60 plus years, we’ve welcomed everyone to pancake together under our blue roof,” said an IHOP spokesperson in a statement to NBC News.

They added, “While we weren’t able to serve Adam in this particular instance… we look forward to serving him on his next visit!”

Adam Sandler praised online for his positive attitude

Sandler has since received waves of appreciation in the comments section of the video for seeming like a normal, down-to-earth guy after leaving the restaurant just like anybody else.

“I used to serve him regularly,” commented one of Sandler. “Never served a nicer person.”

“The fact he could of said I’m Adam Sandler and didn’t is amazing most celebrities would use their status to get them places.” Another weighed in.

While a third person simply wrote, “I mean, I wouldn’t wait that long for IHOP either.”

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