Abby Lee Miller opens up about why she’s still in a wheelchair following her cancer battle

Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller doesn’t let her wheelchair stop her. Pic credit: @Image Collect/StarMaxWorldwide

Dance Moms fans know that Abby Lee Miller not only recently faced time in jail for fraud but also publicly suffered from a very rare form of cancer. The reality star is still wheelchair bound due to her cancer and is seen as fiery as ever on Dance Moms that people hardly notice the chair.

But why is Abby in the wheelchair now that she’s cancer-free?

Abby Lee Miller recently explained that she suffered from a rare form of lymphoma called Burkitt Lymphoma. As a result, she is wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.

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Even though the cancer is gone, it doesn’t negate all of the damage done. Originally, Abby was paralyzed in almost her entire body, but after extensive physical therapy and intervention, she is somewhat mobile and cancer-free.

During her ordeal, she also underwent surgery for an infection in her spine, but that isn’t what led her having to be in the wheelchair.

Instead, she says, the wheelchair is a result of the lymphoma choking her spinal cord. 

These days, Abby gets on fairly well in her wheelchair, despite a few setbacks. Recently, she used her Instagram platform to let fans know she had fallen out of her wheelchair at Pittsburg International Airport.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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