Aaron Carter’s cause of death revealed

Aaaron Carter at an event in 2019.
Aaron Carter was found dead at 34. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Aaron Carter’s cause of death has been revealed five months after his death. 

The troubled singer died in his home at age 34 in November last year. A housekeeper discovered his body in his bathtub, and was cremated four days after his death. 

Carter, who was the younger brother of the Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, accidentally drowned in his bathtub as a result of drug use, per the coroner’s report.

A mixture of Xanax and the compressed gas difluoroethane was found in his system.

The report said the “gas commonly used as a propellant in air spray cleaners” but “can induce feelings of euphoria when inhaled.”

Shortly before his death, Carter was seen with an inhalant on an Instagram Live video which prompted police to perform a welfare check.

Carter had asked the officers to leave, according to the Associated Press. The outlet also noted a police report revealed that the late singer also missed an appointment with a drug counselor later that day. 

Aaron Carter’s struggle with mental health and drug abuse over the years

Carter rose to fame as a teen pop star in the ’90s and began performing at just 7 before releasing his debut album at 9 years old. 

He toured with the Backstreet Boys, serving as an opening act. He struggled with alcohol and drug addiction early on in his life, as well as mental health issues.

In 2017, he opened up about his struggles in an interview with US Magazine.

“I thought I would die by 30,” Aaron said to the outlet at age 29, continuing: 

“Even when I was 13, 14, I thought, ‘Oh, my God. I’m going to die.’ Life was pretty tough. I dealt with a lot of trauma, a lot of loss, and a lot of loneliness. I just felt like I needed to get away.”

At 23, the late singer voluntarily checked in for treatment at a Southern California facility in 2011. 

In June 2017, Carter was arrested for a DUI and possession of marijuana. In September that month, he entered a rehabilitation facility. 

Carter’s arrest made headlines due to his malnourished and underweight state at the time.

He appeared on The Doctors and was found to have a candida infection, but he tested negative for illegal drugs and sexually transmitted diseases.

During another appearance on the same series, Carter revealed he had multiple personality disorder, schizophrenia, acute anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Aaron Carter’s sister Leslie died after a drug overdose

Leslie Carter, who was also a singer, tragically died from a drug overdose in 2012 at age 25. 

According to ABC, she was under the influence of several prescription drugs before her death and suffered from mental illness. 

Leslie appeared on the E! Series House of Carters and is survived by her daughter.

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