Aaron Carter controversy on Twitter: Singer accused of stealing artwork, addresses pedophilia allegations

Singer Aaron Carter
Aaron Carter has been accused of using an artist’s work without his permission. Pic credit:

Twitter users woke up this morning to find the hashtag #AaronCarter trending on the social media platform.

The trend after Jonas Jödicke (@JoJoesArt), a 25-year-old digital artist from Berlin, took to Twitter to accuse Carter of using his work to promote his merchandise without permission.

Jödicke, who has about 259,000 followers on Instagram and sells his artwork on Etsy, said that as a celeb and artist who is familiar with copyright laws, Carter should have known better than to use his work without permission.

However, Aaron Carter denied that he was violating the artist’s copyright by using his image without first seeking permission and refused to take down the image from his Twitter page.

Carter claimed that he used the image after a fan sent it to him and that the artist should have taken Carter’s use of his work as a compliment.

“you should’ve taken it as a compliment d**k a fan of MINE sent this to me. oh here they go again, the answer is No this image has been made public and im using it to promote my clothing line… guess I’ll see you in small claims court F*****Y.”

Jödicke was taken aback by Carter’s response and followed up his initial complaint with other tweets expressing his shock. He then tweeted a request to his followers to privately message him if they know a good lawyer who can represent him.

Twitter users react

Many Twitter users reacted to the exchange between Carter and the artist Jödicke. Many criticized Carter, saying that his response to the artist was rude and that he should not have used the artist’s work without his permission.

This is not the first time that Carter has been accused of using an artist’s work without their permission.

Last year, he was accused of using artwork by an artist called Ali Shimhaq without the artist’s permission. Carter claimed that he had purchased the work from the artist before modifying and using it. But Shimhaq later denied that he sold the artwork to Carter.

The incident involving Shimhaq generated a backlash on social media and Carter later took to Twitter to announce that he had pulled the image from his social media pages.

Carter addresses pedophilia allegations

Carter also found the time, between expletive-filled responses to the allegations of stealing an artist’s work, to post a tweet in which he said he’s been reading tweets accusing him of being ” a pedophile, a scam artist, a liar, a drug addict, art thief fake producer,” and said he was not afraid of addressing the allegations publicly.

He then threatened to sue any media source that accuses him of pedophilia.

“I’m actually reading tweets about me being a pedophile, a scam artist, a liar, a drug addict, art thief fake producer, I’m gonna explain something to you. EVERYONE who knows me professionally/personally all know ME, I’m not afraid to address this publicly any fallacies publicly.”

Aaron Carter is a singer and rapper who rose to fame in the 1990s as a child star. He is the younger brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter.

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