50 Cent slams Jay-Z after claims Eminem told rapper he wouldn’t perform Super Bowl halftime show without 50

50 Cent at Star Ceremony in Los Angeles
50 Cent at the 50 Cent Star Ceremony on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California. Pic credit: ©

This past February, viewers witnessed one of the more entertaining halftime shows in the history of the Super Bowl as Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar took the stage to perform some of their biggest hits.

However, Eminem allegedly threatened not to perform. Recent claims on the Drink Champs show suggested that Eminem said he wouldn’t do the halftime gig if he couldn’t have 50 Cent appear as part of the event.

Those recent claims caught 50’s attention, who put Jay-Z on blast on Sunday, possibly calling out the rapper’s sexuality in one of his posts.

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Eminem allegedly asked Jay-Z to include 50 in halftime show

Rapper N.O.R.E., aka Noreaga, is one of the hosts of Drink Champs, a podcast that regularly features hip-hop stars as guests. One of their recent guests was Snoop Dogg, and that visit brought about some interesting gossip regarding the Super Bowl halftime show.

The claims that popped up during the recent episode are that Eminem was ready to walk as a Super Bowl halftime show performer if Jay-Z didn’t let them include 50 Cent in the performance. N.O.R.E. brought it up during Snoop’s time on the show, saying he spoke with Jay-Z about the halftime show.

“I said to JAY-Z, ‘I have to ask this straight-up – who is gonna perform at the NFL?’ He said to me, and I’m sorry for everybody who don’t understand, he said, ‘The white guy called for 50 Cent,'” Noreaga said of a conversation he had with Jay-Z.

In N.O.R.E.’s remarks, the “white guy” that Jay-Z was referring to was Eminem, who allegedly told Jay, “I can’t do it if I can’t bring 50 with me.”

N.O.R.E. mentioned that Eminem and 50 Cent’s relationship is “spiritual,” prompting Snoop Dogg to agree.

“Of course, that’s his guy. And guess who’s Dre’s guy? It’s me,” Snoop said.

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50 Cent blasted Jay-Z following claims about Eminem’s request

Once that gossip hit the internet, it caught 50 Cent’s attention, who went at Jay-Z over the Super Bowl LVI situation. On Sunday, 50 shared several posts on his official Instagram, aiming at Hova. In one, he suggested the rapper stole painter Jean-Michel Basquiat’s haircut.

“Why did he say the white boy, why he didn’t say the biggest rap artist in the world ? ? Happy Easter ! man enjoy the holidays,” 50 wrote in a caption for his Instagram post with a side-by-side comparison of Basquiat and Jay-Z.

In an earlier Instagram post on Easter Sunday, 50 blasted Jay-Z for Eminem having to force his hand to get 50 into the halftime show lineup.

“Why would he have to say that should be the question? NORE Your big homie is running around trying to look like a gay painter,” 50 wrote in his caption.

The Super Bowl halftime show featured multiple song snippets performed by Snoop, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar. 50 Cent also popped up as a surprise guest to perform part of his smash hit song In Da Club and remained on the elaborate set during other artists’ songs.

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