The Original Comfy update on Shark Tank: Company skyrocketed after pitch

During Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, viewers will be reunited with a former set of entrepreneurs, Michael and Brian Speciale, who pitched their product, The Original Comfy back on Season 9 of the show. They went into the tank, asking for $50,000 for 20 percent equity in their company and they knew they were taking

OatMeals on Shark Tank: This entrepreneur brings health to oatmeal

On Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, viewers will be introduced to Sam Stephens, who is pitching her business in the tank. She’s a chef and she’s the founder of New York-based OatMeals. Sam always had a passion for oatmeal, understanding the healthy aspect of getting oats as part of your day. When she was a

The Last Alaskans exclusive preview: Charlie is on the trail of a wolf pack

On tonight’s The Last Alaskans on Discovery, an apex predator is the focus as food stores are lean and everyone is hunting, including the wolves. Charlie Jagow takes us on an exciting in the field walk as he spots a pack of four wolves, three black and one grey wolf that are roaming the coastal

Ski-Z on Shark Tank: This could change your ski vacation forever

During Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank, viewers will be introduced to two entrepreneurs from Lafayette, Louisiana. They are trying to solve a problem that isn’t’ a common everyday problem but is a joyful solution for those in need. Ski-Z Rolling Ski Carrier is the product the two are pitching in the tank. The product is designed

Prank-O Fake on Shark Tank: Former Onion writer pitches prank gifts

Entrepreneurs from Minneapolis, Minnesota are going into the tank this Sunday to pitch a very unique product to the sharks on Shark Tank. Believe it or not, but they are just pitching a box design. The box design is meant to bring laughs, as there’s no greater gift than laughing. Prank-O creates boxes with outrageous

Hire Santa on Shark Tank: Will the sharks invest in a tradition-based service?

Mitch Allen, an entrepreneurial elf, will stop by the tank to pitch his business, Hire Santa, to the sharks on Sunday’s episode of Shark Tank. This businessman from Southlake, Texas believes that he can solve the problem of hiring the big guy from the North Pole to come by your Christmas events. Hire Santa is an