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Yukon Men exclusive: Chris Morse’s steam-powered generator goes kaboom

Chris Morse with his engine on Yukon Men
Chris Morse’s generator seems like a good idea on Yukon Men, but it doesn’t quite go to plan

On tonight’s Yukon Men, Chris Morse’s continued ingenuity hits a snag as his reverse motor seems to be a brilliant idea…until it blows up!

At his side is his wife Jessi, who always looks amazed and is quite supportive every time Chris proposes and invents a new gadget to make their lives easier in the frigid Yukon.

Our exclusive video from tonight’s episode shows Chris’s design — which uses a drill attached to the crankshaft of an engine as a generator.

When steam powers the motor and turns the shaft, it makes the drill work in reverse generating electricity to charge a battery.

Sounds reasonable!

He says: “So all we need to do is get this test light hooked up on to here, get this on here, once this starts turning if this illuminates then all we got to do is get the wires hooked up to the battery.”

He attaches wires and shows Jessi what he is doing: “Get this on there…and we’ll have power!”

Jessi Morse looks on doubtful at Chris's engine
Jessi Morse’s face seems unsure, and her doubt is not unfounded

Hooking up the improvised reverse motor, Chris says to Jessi: “All right, close that…let it build up for just a minute.

“All right, we’re switching it over, okay…[the machine sputters and seems to work] don’t…come on come on, come on, come on…there you go!”

Things seem to be going so well when, suddenly, calamity strikes and the machine starts smoking and blows — leaving the Morses cursing.

A steaming pipe leading to Chris's makeshift generator
The pipe full of steam moments before Chris’s experiment ends in disaster

Tonight’s Art of the Eel episode of Yukon Men centers around the Tanana residents readying for the deadliest time of year.

As the days turn into night, it pushes Chris and Jessi to try any means [as you will see] to get electricity to the Cosna.

Meanwhile, Stan Zuray is finally able to take his dog team out on the trapline to hunt after weeks of inactivity — but the dogs are not cooperating and are hard to manage.

And Pat and James team up to remedy their pressing dog food shortage.

Yukon Men airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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