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Worms eating a man’s lungs in Monsters Inside Me: Extra Deadly

Worms eating a man's lungs in Monsters Inside Me
Worms eating a man’s lungs in Monsters Inside Me

On this episode of Monsters Inside Me: Extra Deadly, a man coughs up blood and find out a fluke infection means his lungs are being eaten.

Chris Motsinger of Missouri reported severe cramps in his chest and had started coughing up blood. His doctors discover he is the victim of a fluke that likes to invade the lungs of mammals as part of it’s reproductive cycle.

Paragonimus kellicotti is a parasitic flat worm that burrows into lung tissue and then feeds, before reproducing and laying eggs! This causes an immune response resulting in the chest pains and coughing fits.

Also on this episode a baby is almost killed by an ordinary day domestic object and a woman boxer suffers a serious blow from an unusual infection.

Watch Monsters Inside Me – Worms Are Eating My Lungs at 9 PM on Animal Channel.

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