Woman’s childhood mask unleashes paranormal terror on Evil Things

Evil Things
Evil Things features a mask that unleashes a nightmare from Mexican folklore

This week Evil Things, a woman gives her son a childhood mask that brought her comfort as a child but it unleashes something very dark.

Everyone likes to pass down childhood toys or stories to their kids and most of time its a great way to continue a tradition or even keep an airloom in the family. This woman has a mask that she used as a comfort as a child, her brother told her it would bring her protection.

However, when as an adult she passes it on to her son the results are less than comforting. Her son tries the mask on but he wakes her up in bed to tell it has not worked and he is still seeing the strange women. To make matters worse he has a bad scratch on his arm.

The pair of them then hear music being played on the old record deck on the other room. She decides to investigate herself and armed with a golf club heads to face the music, but when she enters the room the needle is not even on the spinning record.

When she turns her back the music starts up again and as she turns around it becomes apparent that the same nails that scratched her son are creating the music from the record…

Also on this episode, a party guest arrives uninvited and the news they carry is not good!

Evil Things airs on Fridays at 10:00 PM ON TLC.

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