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Woman’s says her breasts resemble crab claws in Botched on E!

Emily on Botched
Emily, who says her breasts resemble “crab claws” after surgery gone wrong, on Botched

In tonight’s episode of Botched on E!, Dr. Dubrow helps out a woman called Emily who says her breasts look like CRAB CLAWS.

The 32-year-old’s breasts never properly developed when she was younger and she ended up getting a boob job — but the aftermath turned into a nightmare.

After the augmentation Emily’s breasts were high and wide, but she had excessive scar tissue which she needed removed.

But she started to run an extremely high fever and her breasts got infected leaving her with no choice but to have the implants taken out.

Two weeks after that, her breasts started getting harder and “rippling” underneath, drawing in the skin and making her nipples point towards the ground giving the “crab claw” effect.

It has caused Emily huge confidence issues, with her keeping her shirt on all the time even when she and her partner get intimate.

Dr Dubrow takes a look on tonight’s Botched, and sees if there’s anything that can be done.

Watch the preview for tonight’s Botched on E! below

Meanwhile, also tonight’s Botched, Dr. Nassif comes to the aid of a woman who has puffed up. “blowfish” lips.

And a male model heads to visit the doctors as he aims for the “perfect” look.

New episodes of Botched air Tuesdays at 9pm on E!.

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