Woman in tears on Love Connection as she regrets ‘huge mistake’ with date

A 'date' crying as she speaks via a screen on Love Connection
The woman breaks down in tears as she tells Andy Cohen of her regret on this week’s Love Connection

A woman breaks down in tears on Love Connection tonight — as she tells host Andy Cohen that she made a “huge mistake” by judging her date so soon.

Speaking through a screen as the single man who went on a blind date with her sits next to Andy, she wipes her eyes as she reveals she regrets how she acted.

Andy asks her: “Do you feel like you judged him too soon?”

She says: “I feel like I made a huge mistake. He’s an amazing guy.”

Her comments draw sighs of sympathy from the audience, but her date doesn’t look too impressed.

The episode, titled Devilish in a Blue Dress, also sees one of the men who dates this week’s female singleton reveal how he was flabbergasted when she showed up in a cheetah-print coat — part of her “first date uniform”.

And there’s also romance in the air, as one of the male singleton’s dates involves a bridge and a waterfall. Awww…

Love Connection airs Thursdays at 9/8c on FOX.

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