Woke Season 2 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out?

Woke Season 2 release date and cast latest
Lamorne Morris in Woke. Pic credit: Hulu

Woke is a series on Hulu based on the real-life of Keith Knight. It follows a Black cartoonist who lives in a world where he doesn’t see the racism around him.

However, when the police mistake him for a crime suspect and rough him up, he begins to see inanimate objects talking to him about racism, and his life slowly begins to unravel.

By the end of the season, his entire life has changed, and he seemed ready to start a new movement, fighting social injustice. But, will there be a Season 2 to follow this new storyline.

Here is everything we know so far about Woke Season 2.

This article provides everything that is known about Woke Season 2 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 2 of Woke?

There will be a second season of Woke, as Hulu announced that the show would get a Season 2 after the success of its first run.

There was always hope that the show would get a second season from the moment the first season finished.

“We are hoping for a season 2. It would be wonderful,” said co-creator Keith Knight at the time.

The shooting wrapped in February 2020, so Knight said the coronavirus pandemic came along right after that and threw them off. It also gave them a lot of material for a second season.

“So everything that happened over the summer, we couldn’t address. So it would be amazing to get into what a post-summer 2020 world would look like and lean into the satire of that.”

Release date latest: When does Woke Season 2 come out?

There is no word on when Woke Season 2 will come out.

The news about the new season hit in November, but there are still limited filming opportunities in the United States and California.

Woke Season 2 cast updates

Lamorne Morris will return as Keef, the cartoonist whose life falls apart after an encounter with the police. His character is based on the life of co-creator Keith Knight.

Blake Anderson stars as Keef’s white roommate Gunther. T. Murph is Clovis, another roommate, and Keef’s closest friend.

Rose McIver is Adrienne, Keef’s white girlfriend, and Sasheer Zamata is another of Keef’s friends, Ayana.

Woke Season 2 changes showrunners

News broke in February 2021 that Woke Season 2 will also have a different showrunner.

Anthony King signed on to be the new showrunner for Woke, according to Variety.

King will work alongside series co-creators Marshall Todd and Keith Knight, replacing Jay Dyer in the position.

“I am really excited to add Anthony to the team,” Knight said. “He’s written for some great shows, and consistently brings the funny every time. Together with my co-pilots Marshall and Mo, we are cooking up some really neat stuff for Season 2, and we’re looking forward to Anthony’s contributions.”

The shows that Knight previously worked on include Silicon Valley, Dead to Me, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, and Broad City.

Woke Season 2 spoilers

When asked what Season 2 of Woke would look like, star Lamorne Morris (Keef) said that there would be a lot more bromance screentime with Gunther (Blake Anderson) and Clovis (T. Murph).

“I just want to see more of the three of us venturing all throughout San Fransico and maybe even further out. Maybe we go wine tasting,” joked Morris.

Woke is inspired by the life of artist Keith Knight.

Woke takes an absurdist look at identity and culture through the lens of Keef, a Black cartoonist who’s finally on the verge of mainstream success when an unexpected incident changes everything.

With a newfound consciousness, Keef must navigate the new voices and ideas challenging him, all without setting fire to everything he’s already built.

Woke combines live-action with animated sequences. Keef sees and hears inanimate objects talking to him and becomes more aware of racism in his everyday life.

It all started when Keef was out walking when the police surrounded him and pulled their guns. They tackled him to the ground and roughed him up before realizing he was not the suspect. After this, Keef was “woke” and started to see racism all around him.

“This time that we’re living in now has activated me,” Morris recently told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s activated a lot of people. And I think this show showcases that. What do you do when you have a voice, but you’re kind of scared to use it?”

“I think that theme of the show would resonate with a lot of people. It got an immediate reaction out of me.”

Through the season, Keef’s life falls apart, and he burns some bridges and loses the rights to the characters he created. He also starts to question his relationship with Adrienne since he is Black, and she is White.

He begins to question if being woke and standing up for a cause is worth losing everything he has built in his life and career.

The season ended with the police officer who attacked him setting up a meeting to hash things out. However, when Keef sees that the press accompanied the officer, he realizes he is being used, and the two have a falling out that lands Keef in jail.

When Keef gets out, the press is there again and asks if he plans to fight social injustice and start a new movement, and that is when his animated Sharpie pen yells, “So it begins.”

Hulu has yet to announce when Woke Season 2 will premiere.

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