Willie Edwards: The story behind Swamp People’s fan favorite

Willie Edwards on Swamp People
Willie Edwards, who returns to Swamp People on this week’s episode

The hardest working man of the bayou, Willie Edwards, has been MIA on Swamp Season this season so far, until tonight!

Fans have peppered Swamp People’s Facebook page with irate notes asking, “Where’s Willie?”

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Tonight you will see the solo gator hunter back in action, and in all likelihood single-handedly hauling gators into his boat that weigh more than 500 pounds!

Willie Edwards
Willie Edwards pulls an enormous gator into his boat

According to History, this season “Willie Edwards is once again hunting solo this year. But with gator prices low, he’s trying to fill his tags in half the time as usual.”

This is the theme of the season — low prices, a squeezed market and slightly panicking Swamp People who are banding together in their financial time of need, including previously helping Texan Harlan “Bigfoot” Hatcher out in Anahuac, Texas.

Who is Willie Edwards?

Edwards has followed the footsteps of his hunter father Junior Edwards. Edwards was born with the birth name William Edwards, to Junior and Theresa Edwards.

Willie is married to Sherrie Edwards and they have three children, daughter Michaela and two sons, William IV and Landon.

The Edwards clan lives off the land in Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana, taking full advantage of the swamp’s myriad of resources, including crawfish, crabs, deer, frogs, wild pig, and several species of fish and alligators.

The blonde-haired swamp hunter has appeared throughout the series alongside Jacob Landry, Jay Paul Molinere, Troy Landry, Tommy Chauvin, Bruce Mitchell, and R.J. Molinere.

In the seventh season, Junior Edwards left the show, and Willie was the sole Edwards family member left to be filmed.

Back in 2011, a Louisana dentist gave Willie the gift of a new smile, correcting a childhood accident that left him with broken teeth.

Willie’s official website is dedicated to the Edwards family’s hunting life.

Was Willie fired from Swamp People?

Junior and Willie Edwards used their Facebook page to shoot down speculation that they were fired from the show because they wanted more money:

The message read: “I see a bunch of posts saying that a certain family was saying that we asked for more money and that’s why we are not on the show anymore.

“To clear up gossip and BS, we never asked for anything. Only communication we had with the production company was when we were told that we would not be on the show any more.

“We have made our living off the bayou all our lives. We don’t need a camera stuck in our faces to do that like some people.”

Swamp People airs Thursdays at 9/8c on History.

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Cheyenne A Reilly
Cheyenne A Reilly
1 year ago

I think Willie is exceptionally handsome and I pray for his safety as his job is so dangerous. God bless and protect him and his family.

Troy Martin
Troy Martin
1 year ago

Willie is The Man!!! I’d love to hang out with him down on the swamp and learn how to catch a gator with his treble hook in open water. Awesome!! Willie is Cool as Hell. But I have to say With The Most Respect For Liz, I’m in Love with her Daughter Jessica!!! I want a girlfriend who is not only Amazingly Gorgeous but can attach a treble hook to a rod and snatch a gator right out the open water!! After her Awesome Momma She is the Gator Hunter Queen!!! So I’d love to hang out with Willie and Marry Jessica!!!