Will Turn Up Charlie return for Season 2? Here is everything we know so far

Idris Elba as Charlier; Frankie Hervey as Gabrielle
Will Turn Up Charlie return for Season 2? Pic credit: Netflix

Fans are already wondering whether Netflix will renew Turn Up Charlie for Season 2 after the first season premiered on the streaming platform on March 15.

The eight-episode series follows Idris Elba as Charlie, a struggling disc jockey who accepts to work as a nanny (“manny”) for the daughter of a famous friend.

Although Elba’s role in the offbeat comedy series is a significant departure from the dramatic tough guy roles that he is best known for, many Elba fans were willing to give the series a chance because they wanted to see their favorite actor in a different role.

While we await word from Netflix on what is next for Charlie, here is everything we know so far about the prospects of the show returning for Season 2.

Will there be Turn Up Charlie Season 2?

Viewership numbers are the best indicator of whether a show will be renewed or canceled. But Netflix does not publicize its viewership figures. Going by the mixed reviews so far, it’s a tossup whether Turn Up Charlie will return to Netflix for Season 2.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the series scored an approval rating of only 49% (based on 35 reviews), but a favorable audience approval of 92%. On Metacritic, the series earned a Metascore of 48/100 (mixed reviews) based on 15 critics.

The reviews do not bode well for the future of the show on Netflix. Elba’s superstar status and immense popularity as an actor appear to be the only major factors in favor of the series.

Turn Up Charlie Season 2 release date

Netflix has not yet announced the renewal or cancellation of the show. But even if Netflix quickly renews the show for Season 2, the likely premiere date is uncertain mainly due to Idris Elba’s busy schedule.

He is currently involved in multiple high profile projects, including his upcoming villain role as Brixton Lore in Hobbs & Shaw (2019) and Deadshot in The Suicide Squad (2021).

Despite the uncertainties, fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the renewal announcement will come very soon and that Turn Up Charlie Season 2 will premiere in early 2020.

Turn Up Charlie details

Turn Up Charlie is created by Idris Elba and Gary Reich, and directed by Tristram Shapeero and Matt Lipsey.

Elba, Reich and Shapeero executive produce the series.

The production companies behind the series are Brown Eyed Boy Productions and Green Door Pictures.

The series premiered on Netflix on March 15, 2019.

Turn Up Charlie Season 2 trailer

A trailer for Turn Up Charlie Season 2 is not yet in sight. We will update this page when Netflix releases an official trailer for Turn Up Charlie Season 2.

Turn Up Charlie Season 2 cast

If Turn Up Charlie returns for Season 2, Idris Elba will return as Charlie.

Griffin will likely return as Astrid, but it remains to be seen whether Piper Perabo returns as Sara.

Guz Khan could also return as Charlie’s pal Del.

Other members of the Season 1 main cast who may return include Jocelyn Jee Esien as Auntie Lydia, JJ Field as Sara’s ex-husband David, and Frankie Hervey as Gabrielle.

With Charlie going on tour with Astrid at the end of Season 1, the series could choose to introduce several new actors to play new characters. This means that most of the main cast of Season 1 — Sara (Piper Perabo), David (JJ Field) and Gabrielle (Frankie Hervey) — may not return.

Turn up Charlie: What is the show about?

Turn Up Charlie is a comedy series that follows Charlie (Idris Elba), a struggling but ambitious DJ (in real life, Elba is a disc jockey who performs as DJ Big Driis), who aspires to fame and success, but ends up being hired by his famous actor friend as nanny (“manny”) for his young child. But the child proves a handful.

However, Charlie gains experience and learns lessons, and at the end of the series, he is set for another shot at fame. He leaves his job as a manny and goes on tour with Astrid (Angela Griffin), Sara’s (Piper Perabo) former agent.

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