Will there be a Season 4 of Absentia?

Stana Katic Absentia
Stana Katic stars in the lead role of Amazon thriller series Absentia. Pic credit: Amazon/YouTube

Absentia has become a hit with Amazon Prime subscribers with many quickly going through all ten episodes in quick fashion. This left many fans wondering whether there will be a Season 4 of the action-packed series.

Absentia, which stars Stana Katic in the lead role, follows the story of an FBI Agent Emily Byrne, who had disappeared and was declared dead in absentia while she was investigating one of Boston’s most infamous serial killers. Six years later, Emily was found in a cabin in the woods with no memory of the years and returns home to find her husband has moved on with another woman who is raising her son.

In Season 3 of Absentia continues where the second season left off with Emily serving the rest of her FBI suspension. Emily is forced to save Nick after he ends up in grave danger following a criminal investigation.

The dark thriller series takes many twists and turns, which keeps its audience engaged. Whether Amazon picks up the series for a fourth season is yet to be determined as the third season just concluded.

Here is everything we know about Absentia Season 4 and its renewal chances.

Will there be a Season 4 of Absentia?

With Amazon picking up the third season of Absentia from its previous network AXN. Fans of the binge-worthy series will be happy to know that its chances of scoring a renewal is much more likely. However, it will depend on how strong the ratings are at Amazon since its not a big-budget series.

While the finale of Season 3 of Absentia is somewhat conclusive, the series hints at Emily potentially returning to action with love interest Special agent Cal Isaac.

If the series is to return for a fourth season, the series will likely score a renewal within two months of the current season finale.

In an interview, prior to the release of its third season, the showrunner Will Pascoe is prepared to return for the fourth season but explained the decision lays with Amazon.

“In all seriousness, we don’t know about season 4 yet. Season 3 has to come out before Amazon and the powers that be make any decisions about the show and its future and stuff like that.”

Absentia is filmed in Bulgaria, which may help the series resume production much quicker than American-based production due to the Covid-19 lockdown. Therefore, if the series gets a renewal at Amazon, fans should expect Absentia Season 4 to have a September 2021 release date.

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Ron Simmons
Ron Simmons
2 years ago

Outstanding, show great group, especially Stana not only
beauriful but great actoress and quite capable of caring
a very difficult role.

Robert Ronzo
Robert Ronzo
2 years ago

Season 3 was outstanding. I watched it three times. I need a season 4. How do I contact Amazon to let the know the fans what more?