Will Teddy Altman die on Grey’s Anatomy Season 20?

Kim Raver from Grey's Anatomy
Kim Raver is back as Teddy Altman, but for how long? Pic credit: Nino Muñoz/Disney

Ever since promotion got underway by ABC for Grey’s Anatomy’s milestone 20th season, there’s been one big question on the minds of fans:

What the heck is going on with Teddy Altman?

The initial promo showcased her collapsing while performing surgery, leading to speculation that Kim Raver’s time on the series could be coming to a close.

Then, a lengthier trailer was released that gave some context, and honestly, it didn’t sound good for one of the show’s best characters.

We finally have some clarity on the situation, which sounds as dramatic as expected.

New Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Meg Marinis opened up to TVLine about the upcoming plot and how it will change Teddy.

Teddy survives her ordeal

The best part of the tidbit is that we now know that Teddy pulls through her ordeal, which is good news for fans of the long-serving character.

The sad news? Her brush with death “is absolutely going to change her,” Marinis notes, adding that it’s “part of the reason to tell the story.”

Marinis adds that viewers have witnessed Teddy’s love interest, Owen, have brushes with death in the past, but Teddy has gotten off relatively scot-free by Grey’s Anatomy standards.

“It’s not going to be one of those things where she recovers and forgets,” Marinis shares with the outlet.

Knowing that Teddy pulls through will be welcome news for fans, but it sure sounds like this could be the beginning of an important new storyline.

Can Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 do the storyline justice?

Raver has been a phenomenal actress throughout her time on the show, so if this pushes her to new limits, we’re all for it.

The only issue we have is that Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 is just 10 episodes long, so there may not be much time to tell this storyline well unless it continues into Season 21.

It’s hard to imagine the iconic medical drama ending this season because production is already close to completion, and ABC has already canceled Station 19 and The Good Doctor.

There’s no chance this show ends without a pre-planned final season, so it will keep chugging along until it stops being profitable for ABC and Disney.

Some former cast members will be back

As for what else is coming up on Grey’s Anatomy Season 20, we’re getting an encore from Jessica Capshaw as Arizona.

She’s slated to appear in one episode, but Sara Ramirez is not expected to appear as Callie this season, but you can never rule anything out with this show.

Even leading lady Ellen Pompeo will not be a series regular, with the actress returning on a recurring basis, which is expected to translate to four of the 10 episodes ordered.

There could also be an influx of Station 19 characters, as the firefighter spinoff has been canceled following its upcoming seventh season. There’s every reason to believe a handful of characters could wind up on Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy is currently on hiatus. Season 20 is slated to premiere Thursday, March 14, at 9/8c on ABC. Stream Seasons 1-19 on Hulu.

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