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Will Nelle get caught on General Hospital and when?

Nelle on General Hospital
Nelle on General Hospital: Will she get caught in her web of deception?

When will sneaky Nelle (Chloe Lanier) get caught in her snaky web of deception on General Hospital? The pregnant blonde vixen is recovering in a hospital bed at the moment, an ironic victim of her own troublemaking! Is her shocking scheme about to be revealed?

She’s been gas lighting Carly (Laura Wright), her baby daddy’s mom, and there’s no love lost between these two. But now it seems that there are two people who are on to Nelle and her deviousness: Carly and frenemy Ava (Maura West).

It seems only a matter of time before the gig is up on Nelle’s scheme, but this is a soap, and we know that plots can spin indefinitely! Last week at Nelle’s baby shower, Carly believed that she had uncovered Nelle’s evil-doing, but before she could spill the beans, she and Nelle fought over a key piece of evidence.

At the stop of a grand, sweeping staircase, the two enemies had ahold of a baby blanket that “proves” Nelle’s dirty work against Carly. But Nelle took a tumble before the truth came out, and now Carly has been arrested and the baby blanket is missing.

No one believes Carly when she blabs about the blanket and being set up. After all, Nelle has made it look like she’s been going cuckoo for a while.

Tricky Ava stole the blanket after the jaw dropping fall, and since Nelle has been blackmailing her, she’s in the catbird seat.

Will Ava expose Nelle, or hang onto the blanket as a bargaining chip? Will someone suddenly believe that Carly is sane and telling the truth? Nelle’s freedom hinges on both of these scenarios!

So what do you think, is Nelle about to get caught in her web of deceit and if so will it be during May sweeps or sometime beyond?

General Hospital airs weekdays during the day on ABC.