Will Alone Season 5 feature teams? Format gets mixed reaction from fans

Brothers Ted and Jim Baird posing together
Brothers Ted and Jim Baird, who emerged triumphant from Alone Season 4. Pic: History

Alone on History ended in a dramatic finale last night which saw the hardy Baird brothers emerge triumphant.

The siblings, Ted and Jim, outlasted Pete and Sam Brockdorff in what was the survival show’s first ever time to feature teams.

But the new format got a mixed reaction from fans, with many saying they hoped for a return to the original format where survivalists tried to survive by themselves.

Many took to the show’s Facebook page to discuss the twist which started with the pairs — all family members — having to find each other before working together to survive in the wilderness.

Brenda Craig-Pawlik said: “Two person team thing didn’t go well. Alone should remain, 1 person Alone. This has been my least favorite season…Hopefully if there is a next season, we get to see 1 person Alone!”

Comment on Alone Facebook page

Cincy L. Martin added: “PLEASE go back to the individual challenge. Really hated the teams.”

Comment on Alone Facebook page

Darren Mills said: “I hope they go back to being “ALONE” that’s what drew us all in and why the show was so interesting to watch, if they continue with teams it’s just not as interesting and loses the appeal of the original format.”

Comment on Alone Facebook page

Comment on Alone Facebook page

Others echoed the sentiment on Twitter:

However, some fans said they enjoyed the new format.

Jayson Krop said: “This seasons concept was different and I enjoyed the show just as much but for different reasons.”

Comment on Alone Facebook page

Sue Kaple Brause agreed, but echoed some other fans in being disappointed at how quickly things had ended.

Comment on Alone Facebook page

Alone Season 5 has not yet been officially confirmed, although History are currently taking applications through a page on their site.

Will it also feature teams? Only time will tell…

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