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Why isn’t Molly Ephraim returning to Last Man Standing?

Molly Ephraim will not be joining her tv parents for Season 7 of Last Man Standin
Molly Ephraim will not be joining her TV parents for Season 7 of Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is returning this fall on a new network. After being canceled by ABC, FOX swooped in to grab it. Molly Ephraim has decided not to return to Last Man Standing which has caused quite an uproar.

Molly held the role of Mandy Baxter, the daughter of Tim Allen’s character, Mike Baxter. The role is actively being recast, so while Ephraim won’t be there, someone else will be.

Aside from Molly Ephraim not returning, Allen’s television grandson will also be recast. The role of Boyd Baxter will be given up by Flynn Morrison and someone else will step in this fall.

The reason for Molly Ephraim exiting Last Man Standing hasn’t been made public. She has not made a statement, even after the news of the recast broke. It is unclear whether Ephraim has work lined up or if she is sitting out another season due to differing opinions.

ABC has taken quite the hit this year with canceling Last Man Standing. Tim Allen spoke out about the news which caused a bit of a stir. FOX hasn’t had rockstar ratings over the last few years, but they feel like airing this show will help to turn things around.

It looks like aside from Molly Ephraim and Flynn Morrison declining to return, Last Man Standing will have the original cast when it debuts on FOX this fall.

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