Why is Jerry leaving Hawaii Five-0? Jorge Garcia says goodbye

Why is Jerry leaving Hawaii Five-0?
Jorge Garcia’s Jerry is leaving Hawaii Five-0. Pic credit: CBS

Jerry is leaving Hawaii Five-0 and the Season 10 premiere showed why the character was departing the popular procedural.

The good news is that the door is not closed on Jerry Ortega returning in the future. Here is a look at what happened with the character, and what actor Jorge Garcia had to say about his departure.

Jerry leaving Hawaii Five-0 after the Season 10 premiere

Hawaii Fice-0 Season 9 ended with a massive cliffhanger. The episode ended with someone getting shot and fans were on the edge of their seats as they waited through the summer to see what would happen with the popular CBS TV show.

Season 10’s premiere arrived on Friday night, and it was Jerry Ortega that took the bullet. The good news is that he lived.

However, Jerry decided that he needed to leave the task force for his well-being at the end of the episode.

Jerry Ortega was a conspiracy theorist who joined the Hawaii Five-0 cast of characters in season 4.

He was a former classmate of Det. Chin Ho Kelly, who himself left the team following season 7 to start his own task force in San Francisco. Jerry then took a role as an advisor to the team through the next five seasons.

“Jorge was a breath of fresh air from the very moment he joined the cast, and fans immediately took to Jerry’s quirkiness as well as his kindness,” said showrunner Peter M. Lenkov. “There will always be a place for Jorge and Jerry on Hawaii Five-0, and while we obviously wish Jorge the very best, we will sincerely miss him very much.”

Jorge Garcia says goodbye to Hawaii Five-0

Jorge Garcia made it clear that he is going to return in small appearances in the future.

“Playing Jerry was a blast, and I look forward to popping in again to play with my TV ohana,” Garcia said

This comment means his departure was much better than that of Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly), who left amidst claims of discrepancy in pay based on racial reasons.

It was ironic that Jorge Garcia chose to join Hawaii Five-0 with Daniel Dae Kim. Both were top-line stars on Lost, with Garcia playing fan-favorite Hurley Kim portraying Jin-Soo.

Since leaving Hawaii Five-0, Kim appeared in Big Pacific and The Good Doctor on television and this year’s comic book movie Hellboy. He also appeared in the Divergent series.

There is no word on where Jorge Garcia plans to go from here.

Hawaii Five-0 airs Fridays at 8/7c on CBS. 

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4 years ago

I will really miss him he was a bright spot !!

Mike Barry
Mike Barry
1 year ago

kEEP dANNO IN la And find a new pweson