Why is Dr. Jessica Griffin leaving Married at First Sight and who will replace her?

Dr. Jessica Griffin on Married at First SIght
Dr. Jessica announced her departure from Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

After eight seasons and several Married at First Sight spinoffs, it’s time to say goodbye to Dr. Jessica Griffin. The popular MAFS relationship expert is not returning for Season 9 of the show and while the most reported reason is her relationship with Jon Francetic, could thete be other reasons for her departure as well?

PEOPLE reported that, according to a source, Dr. Jessica has decided not to return as a relationship expert on Married at First Sight due to her relationship with Jon Francetic, who famously married and then divorced Molly Duff on Season 6.

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While Dr. Jessica’s relationship with Jon has been controversial at best, causing quite a few conversations among Married at First Sight viewers about whether or not it was appropriate, it’s not really new news. In fact, it was well known that Dr. Jessica and Jon were an item before Season 8 aired.

There are other theories, however. Mafsfan, a popular Instagram account devoted to sharing Married at First Sight gossip and spoilers has claimed that the real reason Dr. Jessica decided to leave the show actually had more to do with the direction that the show was headed and also because she didn’t feel like her input was appreciated anymore. See the Instagram post below:

Additionally, they claim Married at First Sight has already found Dr. Jessica’s replacement. For Season 9 of the Lifetime series, MafsFan is reporting that we will meet Dr. Viviana Coles, whose Instagram profile lists her as a Marriage and Family Therapy and Certified Sex Therapist practicing in Houston, TX.

While none of this is officially confirmed yet by Lifetime or Kinetic Content, Dr. Jessica’s departure and replacement would definitely mark a big change for Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight Season 9 begins in June 2019 on Lifetime. 

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