Why did The Little Couple move to Florida?

Dr. Jen Arnold looking for a house on The Little Couple
A brand new start in Florida for The Little Couple has the family a little nervous. Pic credit: TLC

The Little Couple have moved to Florida on this season of their popular TLC show — but why did they decide to relocate?

Footage on the latest episode showed Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Klein arriving at their new home in St. Petersburg after leaving Houston, Texas.

The move actually happened last year after an opportunity arose for Dr. Jen to work at the city’s Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital.

While it was bittersweet for fans to watch the packing and leaving of the home that has been part of the show for years, it was also a defining moment in the couple.

And after considering their options, both Jen and Bill decided they needed to pursue the job and move to Florida.

The Little Couple left Houston after Hurricane Harvey devastated the area, but while they did spend time helping those affected it did not reportedly play a part in their decision to move.

It has been a year since Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein moved to Florida and things appear to be going well.

The Little Couple airs Tuesday nights at 7/8c on TLC.

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