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Why did Marie from Cartel Crew go to jail?

Maria on Cartel Crew
On Season 2 of Cartel Crew, Michael picked Marie up from jail. Pic credit: VH1

Cartel Crew is back for Season 2 and along with it are Michael Corleone Blanco and his girlfriend, Marie Ramirez De Arellano. As the premiere episode titled Homecoming began, Michael was picking Marie up from jail, an experience she said she never wanted to repeat.

It turns out that Marie was arrested on the night of Stephanie’s release party that Cartel Crew viewers saw as the first season ended. She decided to confront her estranged family that night, and clearly, things didn’t go over well.

During the episode, Marie explained that she went to talk to her family and ended up getting in an argument that turned physical with her brother. Then her mom jumped in the fight too.

After Marie’s brother called the police, she was arrested and taken to jail, where she spent three nights. Now, she’s doing whatever it takes to stay out of jail, but her family did press charges, which means that she could end up serving time.

As far as Marie’s charges, she said on the latest episode of Cartel Crew she was charged with domestic violence — battery on her mother and brother. However, neither of them were arrested or charged and won’t serve any time in jail at all.

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Good Afternoon from the Blanco Family. Just to address one thing. Since the moment my daughter was born, I made every effort to bring my daughter around her extended family. Regardless if they never showed up for her baby shower or her birth when she was in NICU for a week (you know who you are)The few times I took her around she was able to meet her extended family. I made every possible effort on my part to go and take her around. When I saw no effort on their part as time went on I decided to stop putting in to much of my effort in trying to bring her around. (They refused to meet Michael so he was never around them) My relationship became distant with them from the moment I told everyone Michael and I were expecting. I was even told to give my child MY last name so she wouldn’t be associated with the Blanco or Sepulveda family. As you know, I gave her the name that she had every right to have no matter what. The only person that was EVER there for me was MICHAEL! the person who took care of me provided for me feed my belly was MICHAEL! the man that never left my side, the man that stood in that delivery room when I had no one else holding my hand .. telling me I was going to be ok was MICHAEL. The one person who thought me to be a mother every single step of the way was MICHAEL. I didn’t have the luxury that others have with their families. I had to learn a different way. I’m proud to say I didn’t have that luxury because I can truly say Michael and I have raised our daughter alone. Aside from our good friend Maria, that helped us since our daughter was 7 months old, we love her and her daughter Natalia, for being there for us when we truly needed the help. So for those saying I’m lying, I’m not lying and I hope that those who really support me will understand. Thank you and I hope this clears things up a bit. ❤️ @michaelcorleoneblanco @lulita418 @natalya.xo

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Cartel Crew viewers will get the opportunity to see Marie as she fights to stay out of jail. In fact, in the last episode, we saw her head to court for her first appearance, where her lawyer promised her that she wouldn’t be going to jail — at least not that day.

She was just there to plead not guilty, and then they would set another date for a hearing.

Marie’s lawyer did suggest that Michael, son of the Cocaine Grandmother Griselda Blanco, not attend the hearing as her support because of his and his family’s reputation.

Cartel Crew airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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