Who’s your luchador? Antonio Cueto’s new house of pain on Lucha Underground

Antonio Cueto
Antonio will shake things up in the new Lucha Underground Temple

In the new teaser for Lucha Underground airing tonight, it is revealed that there’s a new boss, same as the old boss? Nope. Antonio is Dario’s dad as he swears revenge and has the luchadors battling it out for his pleasure in the new Temple.

So much Lucha Lucha Lucha to discuss.

Where it ended

The Season 3 finale, aka Ultima Lucha Tres, is driving this season’s key storylines and has nursed and nurtured loads of new feuds that will see teams of luchadors battle royale like never before. The last season finale saw the crowning of a new champion, Pentagon Dark.

There was also the murder/death of proprietor Dario Cueto.

Luis Fernandez-Gil
Dario was shot in his office by FBI agent Winter

What to expect

Aerial high-flying action with a host of new blood infiltrating the Temple. The gods march closer to war as humanity’s outlook seems a bit bleak.

According to El Rey: “A cataclysmic battle is on the horizon and no one will be spared from destruction.”

What we know is reigning champ Pentagon Dark must defend his Lucha Underground Championship as Antonio Cueto mourns son Dario Cueto’s demise. The Monster Matanza who is Dario’s brother will be unleashed at his every command.

Fans of Lucha know that the storylines and the characters are way over the top. The beauty is that Lucha Underground has become a hybrid wrestling sport that blends American WWE splash with the deep cultural and historic base of Lucha Libre from Mexico. It’s all American.

Poor Drago is enslaved by Kobra Moon

Where else can you see someone like the luchador Drago, a man-dragon green as a shamrock? They have become living superheroes whose actions literally feel like a comic book or graphic novel have jumped to 3-D and are alive. It’s an exhilarating watch.

Who are the luchadors and cast?

Brian Cage aka The Machine

King Cuerno

Dragon Azteca

Son of Havoc

Joey Ryan

Paul London

Willie Mack

Senior ref Marty Elias

Moderator and host Matt Stryker

Announcer and sometimes luchador Melissa Santos

Johnny Mundo

Taya Valkyrie

Mala Suerte (Rabbit tribe)


Kobra Moon




Antonio Cueto

The Monster Matanza


Pentagon Dark



Marty the Moth

Lucha Underground airs Wednesday at 8:00 PM00PM ET on El Rey Network.

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