Whoopi Goldberg offers apology after outrage over Indigenous People’s Day flub

Whoopi Goldberg on The View
Whoopi Goldberg on The View Pic Credit ABC

The View usually recognizes special days or months for every type of person or group.

To commemorate Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month, The View recently invited Colombian musician Carlos Vives onto the show.

He delighted almost everyone with his music. All the ladies except one were enraptured by his charisma.

Joy Behar was the exception there. She displayed bored body language and had to be encouraged to clap and dance along with the others.

Besides Joy’s rude misstep, The View admirably celebrated Hispanic and Latin American Month.

But they needed to remember something significant on Monday’s episode. The omittance was glaring and obvious to their fans, though.

Whoopi apologizes to a certain group of people

Whoopi took the floor on The View to address the audience. “Welcome back.” She began.

“First of all… let us say, Joy.” Whoopi looked over to Joy Behar. “Let us remind people that it is…” Whoopi continued.

Joy piped up, “Italian Heritage Month.”

Whoopi continued after Joy finished, “We did not say yesterday that the Indigenous People’s Day. We had lots going on, so a lot were annoyed with us because we didn’t get to that. And so we took care of it.”

Whoopi handed off to Alyssa Farah, who informed everyone, “It’s also World Mental Health Day… I’ve been open about my struggles with anxiety, and it’s important to get help.”

The View had now commemorated Italian Heritage Month and World Mental Health Day and acknowledged the omission of Indigenous People’s Day.

People took to social media to alert The View of their forgetfulness

Fans of The View posted opinions and pictures in an effort to get the attention of the co-hosts.

And another attempt from a fan at reminding the crew at The View of the importance of Indigenous People’s Day.

Pic Credit @marcuson1867

Whoopi’s apology proves that The View did monitor their social media accounts and listened to their viewers.

This debacle is not the first time members of The View have apologized. Recently, Sunny Hostin had to apologize to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She left her phone on during a live interview and it rang while Arnold was speaking. She was quick to apologize and move things along.

Whoopi has had to apologize for inappropriate remarks about the Holocaust in the past. Whoopi’s allegations that the Holocaust was not about race

caused an uproar among Jewish leaders and Holocaust survivors. Before that Whoopi had even been subject to a two-week suspension from The View.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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9 months ago

The best thing for the ladies of the View is, Keep your nasty remarks to your self, then you wouldn’t have to apologize so often