Whoopi Goldberg hits back after going without gloves to cook Thanksgiving dinner

Whoopi Goldberg on The View.
Whoopi Goldberg on The View. Pic credit: ABC

Whoopi Goldberg has not gotten a break lately despite vacationing in Italy over the holiday weekend.

If the long-time moderator of The View is not fielding requests from the producers, she is responding to criticisms from social media.

Recently, she has been called out for looking “bored” and “uninterested” on the show.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Whoopi told the ladies that she had been instructed to look “like I’m interested in things like this. So let me look interested…”

Whoopi now makes it clear in an exaggerated, comical way that she is certainly paying attention to the fluff segments she hates.

Whoopi has had problems with her fans recently. She caused a stir with millennials on social media by giving her advice on what it takes to be a “good citizen.”

Whoopi has a history of taking notice of these things and responding.

Now, Whoopi was taken to task over the videos she has posted on Instagram about cooking her turkey, of all things.

Social Media users question Whoopi Goldberg’s cooking hygiene

On Instagram, Whoopi posted several videos of her chef stuffing a Thanksgiving bird. No one wore gloves for the food preparation, and fans noticed the perceived error in a big way.

Whoopi traveled to Italy to cook a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends. In this video on her Instagram, Whoopi is seen stuffing the bird with her chef’s help.

Almost immediately, fans started to criticize that no one was wearing gloves.

Fans of Whoopi Goldberg on Instagram.
Comments aimed at Whoopi Goldberg on Instagram. Pic credit: @whoopigoldberg/Instagram

One fan asked, “Gloves?” but was immediately rebuffed by another user, who clapped back, “Running water and hand soap?”

Fans of Whoopi Goldberg comment on Instagram.
Comments on Whoopi Goldberg’s Instagram. Pic credit: @whoopigoldberg/Instagram

Yet another user weighed in writing, “Hope he washed his hands.” The sentiment was echoed by another comment that read, “I was thinking the same thing omg.”

The considerable debate questioned whether people should wear gloves when preparing a holiday meal in their homes. Whoopi noticed what people were saying and made several subsequent videos.

Whoopi responds, ‘Darlings, why are you hung up on the glove thing?’

Whoopi could not understand why people were so upset over her video. In another video posted to Instagram, she told her fans, “Darlings, why are you hung up on the glove thing?”

“We washed our hands; we are not dirty, m****,” she continued.

Whoopi said she is thankful for everyone being as “ridiculous” about this subject as she is. She still could not get past the fact that people were upset. The View co-host posted twice more about the turkey and cleanliness situation following the initial comments.

In each video, Whoopi answered questions and clarified that her cooking process was clean and would not make anyone sick.

In other food-related news, Whoopi was noticed double dipping her spoons during the shared Thanksgiving meal on the show.

She responded to that incident here, on her Instagram.

In her latest video, she almost does it again but stops and tells viewers why, “Now, if you weren’t watching me, I’d go right back in there with my spoon, but I’m not.”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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