Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t get why Taylor Swift eclipses the NFL

Whoopi Goldberg on The View
Whoopi doesn’t understand all the hype about Taylor Swift. Pic credit: ABC

Taylor Swift and her rumored romance with Travis Kelce has not been a hot topic among The View hosts lately. With Sara Haines likening it to a publicity stunt. Today, that all changed.

This morning, Whoopi Goldberg mentioned the Taylor Swift phenomenon taking over football news.

Showing a clip of Taylor at a recent football game, Whoopi sarcastically gushed, ” My God this has happened and I don’t know what to do!”

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Gripping her hands and dramatically looking around the room, she explains how Taylor cheered on her date Travis at his game on Sunday.

Whoopi pronounced Travis Kelce’s name as “Kleece” prompting Sunny Hostin to correct “Kelcee.” Shaking her head, Whoopi continued to say “Kaleece” in the funny exchange. Travis plays for the NFL team Kansas City Chiefs and has won two Super Bowl so he’s not just a random football player — he’s a star.

Joining Taylor at the game on Sunday were her celebrity friends Sophie Turner, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman. A clip of them cheering on the Travis Kelce was shown during this segment of The View.

Taylor’s presence at the game brought a lot of attention from her fan base. They are starting to pay attention to football like never before causing in uptick in ticket prices at games Taylor is expected to attend and has increased sales of Travis Kelce football jerseys exponentially.

This even prompted Disney to show an animated version alongside the real game.

“Why is this so extraordinary?” Whoopi asked the room incredulously. Ana Navarro took the time to explain that she was impressed with both Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Beyonce recently concluded a worldwide tour that rivaled Tayor’s own tour in terms of fan turnout, excitement and ticket prices..

Public's Obsession With Taylor & Travis? | The View

Whoopi ponders if the hype is all about the money

Upon hearing Ana say “I’m really impressed” with both Taylor and Beyonce, Whoopi came back with an accusation in an effort to try to understand.

“It’s about the money?” Whoopi asked. “What about the football?” and again, “What about the football?” Confusion was written all over her face still.

Whoopi isn’t the only one questioning everyone’s obsession with Taylor Swift and the fact that she’s dating an NFL star. The internet has been going wild about Taylor’s new romance with her fans really enjoying this future album playing out in front of our eyes.

Meanwhile, football fans are incredulous, as many can’t even take a joke and definitely don’t see the humor in Kelce’s growing popularity as no one can seem to stop talking about him now.

Voice of reason Sara Haines chimes in about the buzz

In an attempt to calm down the dramatic Whoopi Goldberg, the voice of reason, Sara Haines, began to explain about public relations.

“It’s about the team creating buzz,” she explained. Insisting it is not an insult while spelling out these celebrities have teams and it’s their job to do this.

Whoopi’s whole idea behind this diatribe is that the football gets lost in Taylor’s celebrity. An idea that seems to be confirmed by Sunny Hostin.

Sunny answered Whoopi’s question by saying, “No one’s answering you because they don’t really care about the football.”

A still astonished Whoopi finished the segment by making it clear, “I love Taylor” while asserting she will watch football regardless.

Whoopi finished her rant with encouragement for the Eras Tour superstar — “Taylor, do your thing!”

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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