Who won the PoV competition in week 3 on Big Brother 20?

Scottie Salton is ready for the PoV comp on Big Brother 20
Scottie Salton is ready to play the PoV competition on Big Brother 20

This week on Big Brother 20, Scottie Salton transformed himself from a ball of nerves into a ruthless contender for the prize. Now, he’s further proving to be a competitor by issuing a stern warning before the week 3 PoV competition even starts.

Winston tore into Scottie for nominating him for eviction, letting the Chicago native know that if he stays in the house, Winston will be gunning for Scottie the rest of his time in the BB20 house. In return, Scottie made it clear that if whoever wins the PoV in the week 3 competition actually uses it, he’s replacing whoever they pull down with the PoV winner’s closest friend.

Of course, that won’t really do much to hinder the bros from trying to save themselves. And now, talk on the Big Brother live feeds has turned to throwing the comp so that either Brett or Winston will win it rather than putting a target on someone else in the house.

In addition to Scottie, Winston, and Brett, Rockstar and Rachel will also be playing in the PoV competition for week 3.

Who won the PoV?

Naturally, the Big Brother 20 live feeds switched over to fish during the Power of Veto competition so we don’t know exactly what game was played. When the feeds came back up, it was clear who the winner was though.

It turns out that Scottie Salton had nothing to worry about when Winston started making threats about coming after him. That’s because Scottie won the PoV and will have the power to take someone off the block (or not) and if he does decide to pull someone down, he also gets to make the replacement nomination too.

How does all that power feel Scottie?

Knowing that their time on BB20 could be coming to a close in mere days, Brett and Winston completely change gears. Keep in mind that after nominations, Winston lost his cool and let Scottie know that he would be a target of his forever for the nomination. Now, Winston is all about making a deal.

In fact, on the live feeds after the PoV competition, Winston can be seen buttering up Scottie Salton, telling him what a cool prize he won. It looks like he may have scored a trip to Greece or something of that nature but we’ll find out on Sunday when the PoV comp plays out on CBS.

Now that Scottie has the power, it looks like Winston just bought himself a one-way ticket straight out of the Big Brother house but as we all know, expect the unexpected.

Soon after Scottie won, Brett and Winston could be seen on the live feeds as they discussed a plan to get Scottie on their side. They may just offer him safety with them until the final three but would Scottie even fall for that after the way Winston was talking to him?

What Brett and Winston don’t know is that it was Scottie, not Haleigh, who voted against Swaggy C while wearing his shirt on Thursday’s live eviction. Even more proof of Scottie’s shrewdness was his announcement during the vote that he wasn’t a fool and knew exactly why Swaggy was buttering him up all week.

Will Scottie be blinded by Brett and Winston’s plan and fall for a final three deal? Or will he stick to his guns and get one of the bros out in the week 3 live eviction? Only time will tell and we’ll get a better idea of where Scottie’s head is at after the upcoming PoV ceremony.

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7 and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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