Who won the final HOH Competition on Big Brother? Results are in

Nicole Lounging On BB21
Nicole Anthony hanging out in the Big Brother 21 house. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

We know who won the final HOH Competition on Big Brother. At least who won Part 1. The information just came out on the live feeds, as the final three got things started.

On Thursday night, Cliff Hogg got evicted from the house. Jackson Michie had the only vote and he decided to send Cliff to the BB21 jury. Now we all wait to find out if Cliff will keep his promise to turn the jury against Jackson.

The final three houseguests are Nicole Anthony, Holly Allen, and Jackson Michie. They didn’t start a new challenge before the episode came to an end, but one took place while the live feeds were turned off.

The live feeds finally got turned back on, close to three hours after the Thursday night episode came to an end, and now subscribers know some of the results.

Who won the final HOH Competition on Big Brother?

Part 1 goes to Jackson. He had planned to throw it to Holly if Nicole was out first, but that doesn’t appear to have been the case. Instead, Jackson won yet another challenge this season, further cementing his legacy in the game.

A dejected Nicole could be seen by herself on the live feeds, nursing what appeared to be a knee injury that took place during the challenge. We won’t know all of the details about the challenge until the Sunday night episode, but the final three houseguests will likely rehash what went on very soon.

Now the final three get to rest up before Nicole and Holly battle it out in Part 2 of the final HOH Competition. The Part 2 winner will then face off against Jackson in Part 3, which is scheduled to take part during the BB21 season finale.

Big Brother 21 season finale is Wednesday, September 25 at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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