Who won Survivor 38? Recap reveals Edge of Extinction winner

Survivor Season 38 final episode scene
Survivor Season 38 final episode scene. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Survivor 38 winner was revealed on Wednesday night. Before host Jeff Probst could announce the winner on Edge of Extinction, three hours of the show played out on CBS.

Heading into the season finale, there were just five people left in the main tribe. Eleven more people were also still on Extinction Island, hoping to play their way back into the game.

To open Season 38, episode 13, the 11 people who had been voted out at Tribal Council competed to re-join the game. One of them would become one of the final six castaways of the season competing for the $1 million cash prize.

Survivor season finale recap

The first challenge of the episode was an extensive one, involving an obstacle course, untying knots, and solving a table maze. It was Chris Underwood who won the challenge. He spent 27 nights on Extinction Island after getting voted out on Day 8.

Chris joined Gavin Whitson, Julie Rosenberg, Lauren O’Connell, Rick Devens, and Victoria Baamonde as the final six people. None of the four returners made it to the end. Chris had been gone so long, that some of the people left hadn’t even met him yet.

First Individual Immunity

Julie won the first Individual Immunity Challenge of the evening, gaining safety from the Tribal Council vote. She got to pick two people to join her for a steak dinner and she went with Lauren and Chris.

Back at camp, Chris let Devens know that he had received the two-piece Immunity Idol for getting back in the game. He would have to share it with another castaway and if he survived the vote, it would become a real Idol. Chris and Devens split it up.

First Tribal Council

At the Tribal Council, Devens used his Hidden Immunity Idol and then Lauren used hers to protect Chris. The three votes for Devens and the one vote for Christ were tossed out. With two votes, Victoria Baamonde was voted off Survivor.

Immunity Idol madness

With both Individual Immunity Idols played, the producers put them back in the game. The final five knew this, but, again, Devens was the first one to find it. He then re-hid clues from the other two, which were found by two of the ladies.

Devens also gave Chris the other half of the split Idol, meaning Chris now held an Individual Immunity Idol as well.

Second Individual Immunity

In a really intense obstacle course and puzzle constructed out over the ocean, Chris Underwood and Rick Devens were the leaders. In the end, Rick won another challenge, guaranteeing he would be safe at  Tribal Council again.

Second Tribal Council

The Survivor Season 38, episode 13 recap continues with the second Tribal Council of the evening. A lot was on the line for the final five people.

Julie Rosenberg played her fake Immunity Idol. Lauren O’Connell played her fake Immunity Idol. Rick Devens played his Immunity Idol to save Gavin Whitson. Chris Underwood played his Idol to save himself.

Three votes for Chris were thrown out. With two votes, Lauren O’Connell was voted off Survivor.

Final Immunity Challenge

Chris won the final four Immunity Challenge. It gave him a spot in the final vote and gave him choices. Chris got to choose one person to go with him to the final and who would battle it out in fire-building.

Chris decided to give up his Idol to Julie and take on Devens in the fire-building. The winner would make the final three and the loser would be eliminated. Chris ended up beating Devens and impressing the jury.

The Survivor: Edge of Extinction final three became Chris Underwood, Gavin Whitson, and Julie Rosenberg.

Who won Survivor 38? Season winner revealed during ‘live’ show

The winner of Survivor: Edge of Extinction is Chris Underwood.




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