Who won POV on Big Brother today? Veto spoilers from BB21 feeds

Julie Chen Hosting For BB21
Julie Chen Moonves hosted Big Brother 21. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The question of who won the POV on Big Brother today has been answered. Power of Veto spoilers coming from the BB21 live feeds have revealed everything that fans want to know.

Before getting to that, though, we have learned who won the HOH and who they nominated for eviction this week. It’s definitely been a busy day on the live feeds, including Tommy sharing a well-kept secret.

Back to the information coming from the feeds, Jackson Michie won the Head of Household Competition on Friday morning. He then nominated Cliff Hogg and Tommy Bracco for eviction.

On Saturday, all five of the remaining houseguests got to play in the Veto Competition. This was an important time to win the Golden Power of Veto, especially since there are only two voters at the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

Who won POV on Big Brother today?

It has been advertised for a while that this particular Veto Competition revolved around BB Comics. If it was done like in past seasons, the houseguests had to take a zipline past a window that showed comics inside. Then, the houseguests had to recreate the order and specific comic from memory.

The cast member who won the POV on Big Brother today was Nicole Anthony. She will now get a chance to use the Power of Veto at the Veto Ceremony. If the Veto gets used, a replacement nominee must be named. The only choice for replacement is Holly Allen.

The Veto Ceremony will take place on Monday, at which point the final nominees will be set for Thursday night’s Eviction Ceremony. At that point, there will be only four people left playing for the $500,000 cash prize.

Fans have already been weighing in on who they feel should win the prize for America’s Favorite Player this summer. The official vote will take place in the final days of the summer 2019 season and $25,000 will go to the person America selects.

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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