Who won MTV’s The Challenge War of the Worlds? Death Path Finale Part 2 Recap

who won mtv the challenge war of the worlds finale recap
The finalists race for the finish line on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds. Pic credit: MTV

Last week’s episode of MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds saw the finalists meet their toughest obstacle of the season called the “Death Path.”

It consists of 50 miles of ground to cover. Viewers quickly saw that this was the most demanding Challenge finals yet. On May 22, the second part of the finals aired on MTV.

So who won MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds finale?

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Tribunal before Death Path continues

Last week saw two competitors go home because they couldn’t go any more on the Death Path.

The latest episode opens with a Tribunal consisting of the top three performers: Wes, Theo, and Turbo. They vote for someone to possibly send home.

Theo chooses Hunter. Wes votes for Cara Maria. Turbo picks Hunter, so it’s 2-1 in favor of him.

Hunter picks Ninja Natalie to face in an elimination. It consists of each of them having a thick rope around their hands with the other end connected to the back of Monster Truck “Tiny.”

They have to walk behind the Monster Truck holding that rope. The first one to fall or drop the rope will lose and go home.

They’re able to walk for a while, grunting and groaning as they continue. Ultimately, Hunter wishes Natalie good luck on the rest of the final and says he can’t continue.

He drops his rope, collapsing to the ground. Natalie returns to the group, and nobody’s too happy that she’s the one who came back.

It’s down to Wes, Cara, Theo, Turbo, and Natalie. They get into the back of the Pain Locker to get some sleep. It begins to drive away to a new location.

When they finally step out its sandy dunes for miles. TJ tells them their next challenge involves trivia to the delight of the exhausted and starving competitors.

Death Path finale continues with trivia, paddling

TJ tells them they have to answer trivia questions about geography. There are three rope circles. Each has a letter inside for A, B, or C. The competitors have to step into the circle with the answer they think is right for each question.

If they get it wrong, they’re out. Cara Maria ends up winning after two questions and receives a one-mile head start in a dune buggy as the other competitors have to rush uphill on the dunes.

Cara gets to the puzzle called “Battle Ball.” It’s a “Connect Four” type game where two opponents play using colored balls. The first one to get four of their colored balls in a row gets to move on.

Turbo arrives first and defeats Cara. Theo is next, and he defeats Cara. Natalie also wins. That brings it down to Wes vs. Cara as she gets teary-eyed over losing her head start.

Cara pushes on and defeats Wes, though.

Turbo arrives at the next station, which is an eating challenge. Luckily for the competitors, it’s not nasty foods but peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bananas, and other goodies.

Turbo gets to decide how much he wants to eat and assign food plates to the competitors before they arrive.

He eats nothing himself and gives Theo and Wes more food than Car and Ninja. Ultimately, Cara finishes her food first, followed by Theo, then Natalie.

Wes gets sick and falls to the ground, but makes his way to the next checkpoint.

Death Path continues as competitors think it’s over

As they reach the Challenge flags with the Pain Locker beyond them, the competitors each believe this is the finish line.

Unfortunately, they soon learn it’s not. After all, there’s still half of the episode left. They all climb into the back of the Pain Locker and await TJ’s next instructions.

The Pain Locker brings them to the final part of the Death Path. It’s a sprint to a puzzle with numbers and different equation signs.

The final answer will give them a combination to unlock a padlock holding a paddle for a kayak. Once they get that paddle, they need to kayak in nearby water to an island with a lighthouse.

Turbo is the first one to get his paddle and start kayaking. Wes is next, with Theo still trying to unlock his. Turbo has a good head start but soon realizes that Wes is catching up.

Ninja Natalie unlocks her paddle and gets into the water to kayak. Turbo makes it to the island first followed by Wes and Natalie.

Theo and Cara are still on the beach, and there’s just one kayak left. Whoever doesn’t get one is automatically disqualified.

Theo finally unlocks his as Cara is going back to do the numbers again. He yells to her that he’s done and she sits down to cry over not being able to finish.

Once Theo gets to the island, it’s a mad dash for the finish line. TJ tells the competitors that their times over the past two days will be added up. The best time wins.

It comes down to Turbo and Theo getting out in front, and ultimately they sprint to the finish line. Theo crosses first. Turbo falls to the ground, and Theo hugs him. Ninja is third, followed by Wes.

TJ announces that Natalie was fourth and wins nothing while third place goes to Wes for $50,000.

Second place is for $200,000 and goes to Theo. Turbo is the winner of War of the Worlds with $750,000 in prize money. He says he will be like a millionaire in his country.

Next Wednesday will be the big Challenge: War of the Worlds reunion show. Viewers can see it on MTV starting at 9 p.m. ET.

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