Who won MasterChef Season 10? Recap of 2019 season finale

MasterChef 2019 Final Three
The final three home cooks for MasterChef Season 10. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

The MasterChef recap for September 18 covered two episodes and revealed the Season 10 winner. Noah Sims was eliminated during the last episode, leaving just three people left competing for the MasterChef title.

Dorian Hunter, Nick DiGiovanni, and Sarah Faherty were the top three home cooks for the 2019 season of the show. They would first complete in a final-three challenge preparing a three-course meal in front of an audience.

That in-studio audience included family, friends, fans, and other home cooks who had taken part in the Season 10 installment.

By the end of the night, Dorian, Nick, or Sarah would win the prize and the title. But who would it be?

MasterChef recap: Who won final three competition?

As a reminder, the three home cooks weren’t just competing for the MasterChef title this summer. The winner would also receive $250,000 and get to enjoy some training at a restaurant of each of the hosts (Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich).

It was clear that this was going to be a night where all of the skills of the final three home cooks would be tested. They had to prepare an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert that went above-and-beyond for the judges.

In the appetizer stage, Dorian made scallops with sweet corn puree and chards, Nick made pomme souffle with crab, and Sarah made a braised octopus with chorizo. Dorian and Nick impressed the judges, while Sarah left them wanting more.

For the entree, Dorian went with applewood short ribs, Nick prepared bass, and Sarah cooked up a lamb with herb crust. The video below showcases how beautiful the dishes looked before they went to the judges.

Would this dish be the one that elevated one of the final three home cooks enough to land them the title? Though it was only the second portion of the final competition, the entree is always extremely important on MasterChef.

A twist was thrown in at the last moment, with the hosts letting the top three home cooks know that someone was about to be eliminated before the final course. Based on the entree, Nick DiGiovanni was eliminated.

Sarah Faherty and Dorian Hunter became the final two.

Who won MasterChef Season 10?

Sarah Faherty and Dorian Hunter made it to the end of a grueling cooking competition, but only one of them could be named the MasterChef 2019 winner. Still, there were reasons that each deserved to win it all.

The MasterChef winner is Dorian!

MasterChef will return with Season 11 on FOX in summer 2020.

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