Who won HOH on Big Brother tonight? Final eight has a leader

Big Brother 21 Cast In Pool
The Big Brother 21 cast enjoying some time in the pool for summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The houseguest who won HOH on Big Brother tonight did so at just the right time. With the BB21 cast down to its final eight houseguests, it was really time to pull out the stops.

Earlier in the evening, another Eviction Ceremony was held. This was where Analyse Talavera was voted out of the show on a 5-1 vote. It was a pretty shocking result after what had taken place over the past 10 days.

When Jackson Michie put Christie Murphy on the block, he wanted to send her out the front door as quickly as possible. That seemed to remain the case, even after he won the Power of Veto. But his mind got changed. Somehow.

The stakes were raised at this particular Head of Household Competition because someone would have to fulfill all the promises they had made over the previous week. It was hard for Michie, as he has to just sit and watch it play out.

Who won HOH on Big Brother tonight?

Just seven members of the BB21 cast got to play in the Head of Household Competition tonight. They were Nicole Anthony, Jessica Milagros, Nick Maccarone, Cliff Hogg, Holly Allen, Tommy Bracco, and Christie Murphy.

A skill competition was done in the backyard, but it came after the houseguests listened to bird sounds in the house during the week. They had been pranked into believing the challenge was about birds. It was not.

Holly Allen won the Head of Household Competition tonight on Big Brother.

While host Julie Chen Moonves did not speak about it on Thursday night, a lot of fans are posting on social media that they feel the Big Brother Double Eviction is coming up soon. That could lead to another chaotic night for the summer 2019 season, especially if the houseguests find out about it ahead of time.

Make sure to also take part in the new America’s Vote for the BB21 Prankster.

Big Brother airs new episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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