Who won HOH Competition on Big Brother tonight? Spoilers about HOH, who got evicted

Big Brother 21 Premiere Photo
Photo from Season 21, Episode 1 of Big Brother 2019. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother spoilers about the HOH Competition are now available. The latest challenge wrapped up a really busy episode on Wednesday night.

The night was full of shocking twists and turns, including Ovi Kabir getting evicted from the Big Brother house. Only he didn’t quite go home, as he will reside in Camp Comeback for several weeks.

Who won HOH Competition?

Jack Matthews is the new Head of Household. As fate would have it, he was going up against Jessica Milagros on the final question. Jack has been insulting Jessica behind her back this summer.


Jack will now have the chance to nominate two people for eviction. His Nomination Ceremony likely takes place soon. It’s unclear when producers will tape it, but that should be presented during the Sunday (July 7) episode of the show.

Who got evicted from Big Brother this time wasn’t in the plans that Jack had, as he wanted Kemi Fakunle out of the game. He might just decide to target her when he names his two nominees for eviction.

Whacktivity Competition coming

The next event in the house may be the second Whacktivity Competition of the summer. Five more houseguests will try to compete for a special and secret power. Ovi Kabir was the houseguest who won the first one, which was called the Nightmare Power.

There is a lot set to take place over the next few days, so the CBS live feeds are going to be packed with Big Brother 21 spoilers. That will include the second winner of the Whactivity Competition, the new nominees for eviction, and possibly even the winner of the next Power of Veto. Stay tuned!

Big Brother 21 has new episodes during summer 2019 season on CBS.

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