Who went home on Survivor last week? Island of the Idols Episode 4

S39 E4 Puzzle
Jeff Probst, Kellee Kim, Jason Linden, Noura Salman, and Tommy Sheehan on Survivor 39, Episode 4. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The castaway who went home on Survivor last week didn’t see it coming. In fact, Episode 4 of the Island of the Idols season turned into another huge blindside for the group at Tribal Council.

The end result was one that left mentors Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine pretty excited in their hiding spot when host Jeff Probst read off the votes.

Noura Salman of the Vokai Tribe got to go meet with the idols during the episode. She became the fourth person to get to take part in the twist. The video below shows how her sit-down with Rob and Sandra went.

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Noura stumbles during Season 39, Episode 4

All Noura had to do was become the caller at the Team Immunity Challenge and she could have been in a much stronger position within the game. But she ended up making herself look very suspicious by trying to convince everyone that they “had” to make her the caller. Instead of making her the caller, they forced her to sit out of the challenge.

Survivor Episode 4 Immunity Challenge

At the competition, the tribes each had to take part in a very familiar challenge. Each tribe had a caller who had to lead their teammates through a maze. But their teammates were blindfolded. As is usually the case, it ended up with quite a few castaways being bruised and battered. The Vokai Tribe won, even with Noura sitting out.

Who went home on Survivor last week?

The Lairo Tribe had to go to its third Tribal Council over the first four episodes. It meant that they would be down to just seven members by the end of the evening.

Though the women of the tribe appeared to have an alliance that could take out the men one by one, they turned on each other ahead of the vote. Several castaways were at risk, but Missy Byrd put together a plan that worked.

On a 6-2 vote, Chelsea Walker was sent home on Survivor last week. She still had a Hidden Immunity Idol in her pocket but had never really felt like she needed to use it. The other castaway receiving votes was Karishma Patel.

Survivor airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on CBS.

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