Who went home on MasterChef tonight? Recap for Season 10, Episode 11

MasterChef BBQ Challenge
MasterChef Season 10, Episode 11 BBQ challenge. Pic credit: FOX/YouTube

The MasterChef recap for tonight covers another elimination episode for the home cooks.

Seven of the home cooks won immunity during the last episode. They competed to see who could best serve the wedding of Gerron Hurt.

Bri Baker, Shari Mukherjeee, Renee Rice, Fred Chang, Subha Ramiah, Sam Haaz, and Nick DiGiovanni won immunity. The Blue Team cut it close, but they outperformed a Red Team trying to serve raw lobster.

MasterChef recap: Season 10, Episode 11

Cooking for their lives on the show were Wuta Onda, Micah Yaroch, Keturah King, Dorian Hunter, Jamie Hough, Noah Sims, and Sarah Faherty. The seven cooks were presented with a backyard BBQ challenge.

The twist to Episode 11 was that the seven home cooks also had to prepare a dessert. They were given their choice of meats to work with and the race began to prepare dishes that would impress the three hosts.

It was especially important for them all to make sure the meat was cooked properly.

Who went home tonight on MasterChef?

Wuta Onda had a lot of problems during the episode, but he ended up surviving to see another week.

The chefs decided that it was going to be the end of the road for Keturah King.

That brings an end to the July 18 MasterChef recap, but the show will return with a new episode on Wednesday, July 24.

MasterChef airs Wednesday and Thursday night at 8/7c on FOX.

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